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She also tells me that she was talking about a production car, not pedestrians, when she was all, "Run them over!" And again, I totally agree that if that's the case, which it probably is, then she has a point that it was presented in a way that made that moment look worse than that moment was. But did it misrepresent the overall situation, as far as her losing her shit? Once she's in the car and she's leaning over to honk the horn and she's in the driver's face...I mean, certainly, it's different, but really, "run them over" isn't an especially sane thing to say about a production car, either. I had a hard time taking that comment very literally to begin with, and even he was telling her to chill out -- Mr. Intensity -- so...I don't know.

Here's the most interesting part. Colin warms up for one of his biggest points when he says, "Okay, let me ask you this. Who was I talking to, when I said, 'I hate you'?" "Her," I say immediately, pointing to Christie. "Aha, see?" he says, certain that the point is made now. "She was nowhere near me when I said that. I was talking to the ox."

This is a problem. And the reason it's a problem is that the video of that moment is on the CBS site. And quite honestly, it's clear as day that he says it to Christie. Couldn't be much clearer. He actually stops in the middle of an word while he's repeating back something she just said, and he goes with, "Oh my God, I hate you." Go ahead; go to the site. Find your way to the "I Hate You" clip. Watch it for yourself. "You've been in very limited places," she says in frustration as they bicker over whether he's searched the mud field thoroughly enough. Incredulously, he says, "'Very li --' oh, my God, I hate you." He ain't talkin' to the ox. And she certainly isn't "nowhere near" when he says it. They're in the middle of a conversation. The interesting thing is that there were people who watched the episode as it aired and emailed me to lecture me that he had obviously been talking to the ox and not her. The editing actually did him a favor in that situation, because the uncut version makes it impossible to miss the fact that he's talking to her, where in fact, the audience left the broadcast version at least somewhat divided.

But here's the thing: When we talked about it, even though I had already seen that clip, I believed that he believed what he was telling me. I don't think he had looked at it. He was obviously surprised when I told him that I had seen it, and that it had certainly looked to me like he was talking to Christie. "You've seen unedited tape of it?" he said. I nodded. I suspect if he looked at it now, he would be very surprised. Because it was my impression that he really believed it had been presented unfairly, that he would never speak to her that way, and that whoever made it look like he did was viciously trying to destroy his reputation, because she was nowhere around at the time, and therefore it could only have been patently obvious that he was talking to the ox. And it's just...not true. I mean, really. Watch that clip and tell me he's not talking to her. It doesn't mean he hates her, it just means...that's what he said to her at that particular moment.

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