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Kisses, Coronas, and clowns

"You heard that Sequesterville was in Lisbon, right?" Debra says to me. "Yep, I did," I say. "Okay," she says. She lays out two blue-and-white tiles on the edge of the pool table. "Which one of these do you like better? We got these in Lisbon." I indicate a lovely tile with an image of houses on it. "Well, here you go," she says, handing it to me. They've signed it on the back. Awwww. She also says she didn't expect me to be so "young." I decide on the happy, cheery, "You're so young!" interpretation, rather than the less happy, less cheery, "You write like an old lady" interpretation.


I don't take in much from meeting Jon and Kelly, unfortunately. I do it while the throng around them is particularly throng-like. I say hi, they say hi, and I tell him that I took some abuse for sticking up for them. She's very outgoing and friendly, and very teeny. Someone takes our picture, too. They seem nice enough, but he's acting a little put-upon about being there, which is consistent with what he later says in an interview somewhere about the party being filled with "crazy fanatics" and how "awful" it must be to be an actual celebrity. It occurs to me that we should stop sending the vans that blindfold and kidnap these people and force them to show up. Hopefully, Zach's earlier-reported comment will be some comfort to Jon if he does feel put-upon. And hey, after all, it was Zach who said that, and he won.


One of the things that happens as this party gets bigger and bigger is that I meet a smaller and smaller percentage of the people who are there. I actually manage to miss Reichen completely, although I do see him from a distance once or twice, and he looks very nice. I meet Chip for, again, about four seconds. The main thing I am able to take in -- because it is pointed out to me by someone, though I don't remember who -- is that his chest hair ends in a perfectly neat curve at the precise edge of his neck. As I will say later, it is so precise that it looks like the entire thing was done with tweezers. Or maybe like it was worked on by a highly-paid topiary gardener. You wouldn't think that kind of thing would be highly noticeable, but it is. I give him my customary winner-greeting of, "You won!" to which he says, "We won!" He's better-looking in person, too -- his head doesn't look as boxy as it did on TV. That's pretty much my entire Chipster story, unfortunately. I should have asked for some money, maybe.


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