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I see Flo and Zach as they're on their way in. I talk to her first. We exchange pretend-nice "Hey"s, and I ask her what she's up to. Working at Glamour, she tells me, and then I remember that I had heard that. To her credit, she maintains a considerably more smiley, upbeat vibe than I think she had at the end of her own season. Zach is just behind her. "Hey, thanks for coming," I tell him. "Oh. Hey, this is the only place left where anybody cares about us," he laughs. I love him a little for this comment.


AirSteve is standing by the nametag table talking to pseudostudent when I walk up. I start to introduce myself. "I know who you are, you troublemaker." He gives me a hug. Aww. Then he says, "Wait, wait -- I got something for you." He then repeats the horrifying head-waggle of the overnight car ride. Hee. Scarred me for life again. He also shows me his "list." These are the people he is determined to meet. I worry for them.

I met AirDave also.


When I come out of the bathroom at one point, I run into a little crowd of people standing around talking. There's a good-looking short-ish guy telling a story, and after a second of observation, it occurs to me. I turn to the person on the other side of me. "That's Little Who, right? I'm not crazy." He nods. "You're not crazy." I turn back and listen to Jeff give a very sympathetic explanation of how he and David had to do the rock-splitting Roadblock in the middle of the night, before they got the bad news that the race was over. Happily, he has shaved off the nasty little soul patch, and the hair is much improved, and he's really very cute in person. But it's literally true that I don't entirely feel confident that it's him, even looking at him close-up. Which seems kind of wrong and sad. And, you know, apt.

David I meet for about seven seconds, very late in the evening. He is tall. Also cute. Seems to be having a good time with Monica and Sheree, who I don't meet at all. He calls me "sweetheart," and someone takes our picture. That's about it. I wish I had more to say. But then...they were Team Who, after all.


There are a lot of things in life that I have trouble with. Finding my way to Phil is not one of them. I strategically maneuver into the general vicinity, and then I get over there to say hi. He's having a discussion about wardrobe. Heh. "Yeah, I did hear there was a sweater I was supposed to burn," he says. Several of us standing nearby explain that the greatest source of controversy was the red and white candy-stripe sweater. This makes him nod slowly. I'm not sure he liked that sweater either. I then tell him that the other one was the bulky white one that I said made his head look like a boiled egg in a cup. This gets an actual laugh. Yay, sweater jokes! He asks me about TWoP and about the staff, and he says, "You must do this full-time." I shake my head. "No, no. Not the people who write the recaps. In my regular life, I have a regular job." He looks shocked. "You must be up in the middle of the night." Hmmm -- compliment, or accusation of insanity? It's a fine line, indeed.

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