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Kisses, Coronas, and clowns


I stand with djeber and later Jedzz to watch much of the show. "You know I'm only standing over here by you for one reason," dj says. "I'm hoping to say something witty enough to make it into the recap again." Hee. "I think you just did," I tell him. Just after this, I look all the way over by the bar and spot Kevin and Brennan, who are working the crowd over in that part of the room; it's is a good hundred people away from me, but most of them are sitting on ottomans, so I have a pretty clear view. When Kevin sees me, he turns around and waves. I wave. He blows me a kiss. I blow one back. And then, predictably, the trouble starts. "You love me," he mouths, complete with little hand motions and heart-tracing. Please. How immature. Obviously, I reciprocate. "You love me," I silently insist. And then there is a lot of "you're crazy" and "you're sick in the head" and such. It is only at this point that Brennan, who has been observing, decides to join the conversation by waving the Hating-Hat at me. Oh, yes. That's right. It came to the party -- a hostile act if ever there was one. He has also worn the leather pants, despite the fact that it was, like, ninety-five degrees outside during the day. (Later, they will develop a conspicuous pocket-ish tear that he will show off somewhat compulsively, if the forum reports are to be believed.) I roll my eyes and go back to watching the show. But then, somebody points out to me that Frank and Margarita have just come in. I look over near the door and spot them. "I'm going over there," I say to the folks next to me. "It's no reflection on you. But I'm going over there."

Loud Pushy Frank still gives pretty much the best bone-crusher hugs of all time. Some things, fortunately, do not change. Margarita is still gorgeous in a cute summery dress, so it seems only appropriate to give Frank a little bit of a hard time about his dressed-down look, featuring a white t-shirt and a Cubs hat, of all things. "Hey," I say to him, "where's your pimp shirt?" I put my hand on his navel, approximately. "You're usually all unbuttoned down to here. What's your deal?" He grins. "I don't know, it's summer," he says. Feh. Yeah, because you can only display your entire torso in December, I suppose. He asks me who I'm rooting for. "I think I don't care," I say. We talk a little about teams, and I mention that I kind of like Jon and Kelly, even though they're mean. "It's hard for me to say I don't like them just because they, you know, say mean things about people," I say, laughing a little. "When you make your living doing it," he laughs back. "Well, right."


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