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TARCon 3: The Con Continues To Grow

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Who's the loud girl in the red?

Probably the most eagerly-awaited contestants are Ken and Gerard, who of course get the big "YAAY!" on their way in. Alli works her way over to Ken pretty much as soon as she gets the chance. They exchange a little hug. "Hello, honey," he says to her. "I was mad you didn't win," she offers back. He laughs. And then they lean in like they're gossiping, so I don't think they want me to tell you about it.

A little later, we see the crowd quite literally part, and Gerard say, "Are you Miss Alli?" She says yes. Gerard gives her a mock I'm-not-worthy bow, which is of course completely ridiculous, because Gerard is the worthiest ever. "I love the recaps," he says simply to her. "Love them, love them, love them." Aww! And then it's all about logistics. How many times does she watch the episodes? Does she get paid? Doesn't she have a real job she could be doing? (Okay, not the last one.) She, on the other hand, still wants to discuss how wrong it is that they didn't win. "I was mad you didn't win," she says again. He shrugs. "We couldn't get a cab." As you would expect, he is warm and funny, and she calls him her "King of Wit." Is that anything like "Ambassador of Kwan"? Because if it is, how lame!

And now, in case you have missed what a good party it was, we are provided with a montage. Yay, a montage! While happy music plays, we see Chris and Alex lift raptorgirl right off her feet, entirely unexpectedly, to pose for a picture. An excited Dennis jumps up onto the bench along the wall with his video camera, grinning and taping Andrew's entrance and subsequent mobbing by fans. And there's Andrew again, dancing on the table. And Tramel's chicken dance. IvyB hands Flo her party favor (which was a bottle of jellybeans labeled "FloZach Prozac"), and Flo laughs. Miss Dona shows off the donkey piñata with two Barbie dolls perched on top of it that she has made in honor of Heather and Eve. Talking, dancing, talking, talking, laughing, drinking. Drinking, talking.

You know, it's always a good party, and it looks like this was the best one yet. It's hard to imagine where it can possibly go from here. A baseball stadium?

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