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TARCon 3: The Con Continues To Grow

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Who's the loud girl in the red?

Once this unexpected peace summit breaks up, Alli walks over to where Zach is standing. She manages to introduce herself without falling down or anything. "I have to tell you," Zach says, "I'm pumped to meet you. This is huge." "You should not be pumped to meet me," she points out. "You have half a million dollars." They laugh. Zach proceeds to likely earn himself a place in the hearts of both Miss Alli and Sars, who is also present for this conversation, by expressing concern over the health of TWoP. He asks how things are going, and Sars tells him -- for now, we're hanging in. But the asking? Is obviously pretty impressive. ["Equally impressive: that Sars managed to resist observing that half a mil buys a lot of stickers." -- Bruckheimer] There is some chat about his hair and his headbands, and Alli eventually says to him, "Those last few legs looked pretty rough." "They were," he says. "And they were...just as bad as they looked on TV?" "Yep," he says flatly. Fascinating.

Late in the evening, there is yet another buzz in the building. Phil has decided to pay a visit. This is probably the biggest news to circulate all evening, given the fact that Phil is widely regarded as quite the underutilized heartthrob in TWoP circles. Alli's original effort to go over and say hi is quite literally crushed by the crowd that is storming him, and she is forced to abandon this plan and head for the back of the bar again. A bit later, we see her standing back there, probably taking deep breaths for a whole variety of reasons, and then someone comes over and tells her that Phil wants to say hi and is leaving soon. As she goes out into the bar to find Phil, she runs into Sylvia, who is really friendly and really nice, and unfortunately gets a really well-intentioned brush-off. "I have to go do a thing," Alli says, once again displaying that education her parents paid good money for, "but I'm going to come right back." I have a feeling she will forget to go right back, given the tumultuous sequence of events. Again, oops.

Poor Phil's voice is pretty much dead by the time Alli gets to him. In fact, their entire conversation has to be done in yellow subtitles, because he leans over and hoarsely whispers into her ear. I suspect she thought that was okay, too. He explains that although he doesn't read the site, he appreciates all the support. They're having a very nice chat about support and what a good show it is and so forth, and then Loud Drunk Frank arrives, and proceeds to give a lengthy spiel about not only how great Phil was when he was on the Travel Channel, but how Phil has "a big giant set of balls." Wow, that conversation took a turn.

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