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Who's the loud girl in the red?

More mingling footage transitions us deeper into the party, at which point a murmur makes its way to Alli that >b>Ian and Teri are there. Her eyes widen. "Oh, this'll be interesting," she says. And then it is upon her. "Ian. Ian is, like, right there," says someone taller than she is who can see over the crowd. She looks over just as the crowd parts, and she and Ian look at each other. "Are you Miss Alli?" he asks her with a rush of energy. "Yes," she says. "I love you!" he yells, and steps to her, gathering her up in a giant hug. "Oh my gosh," she says over his shoulder, laughing, once again showing off that articulate poise she's been throwing around the room. "Thank you." Teri is soon there, too. "You're Miss Alli?" she says eagerly. Alli: "[Nod.]" They hug as well. Title of this scene: You Just Never Know.

Aw, look! It's Russell and Cyndi. If you read the forums, you know that Cyndi has become one of the most faithful and beloved question-answerers on the forums, so they get quite a stir of attention at the party. I'm sorry, they are just too nice to mock.

Ah, more TAR 2 refugees, coming to atone for missing their own party. Shola and Doyin are stunning in person, although -- like several of the guys -- a little shorter than you might expect from seeing them on TV. Alli catches up with them over by the stairs, late in the evening. Chris is there, too, so if you took her temperature, it would probably be a bit unnaturally inflated, but that's neither here nor there, I suppose. At any rate, she tells all three of them the tale of Blake calling her "a little shit" at the second party. She should send Blake a royalty check, because I suspect that was her favorite meet-a-racer story until Ian told her he loved her.

Jill and John Vito, for obvious reasons, get a royal reception from the minute they are spotted on the stairs. It might be more newsworthy to report that they look haggard, or unhappy, or that they're rude. Unfortunately for newsworthiness, they look gorgeous, and they act...just about the way you'd expect. Just inside the door, John Vito is handed a name tag that says, "HELLO MY NAME IS John Vito." He smooths it over his giant pec, and for some reason, this makes Alli giggle. I think the mooching is beginning to get to her. Just as she and Jill introduce themselves, John Vito leans down to talk to Jill. "There's a coat check over there. Let me have your coat." So she does. It appears that this is, shockingly enough, unchoreographed. "He is so nice," Alli bubbles to Jill. "He's always the perfect gentleman," Jill agrees simply. They move on to the topic of Jill's enthused face-plant. "How did you like seeing yourself wipe out on TV?" (There wasn't a more graceful way to say that? Good grief.) "Oh, that was so funny," Jill says. "When I hit the ground, I was telling myself, 'People are going to be watching you on TV going, "Get up! Get up!" so you better get up.'" Alli laughs. "It looked like it hurt." Jill: "Oh, it did. That hurt." Heh.

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