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Who's the loud girl in the red?

Alli runs into Brennan in the middle of the room. They exchange a rather tired cheek-kiss. "How are you?" he asks her. "Uh, a little overwhelmed," she says as another anonymous elbow goes into her back. "Yeah," he says. "I was upstairs for...a while." ["Sars saw him up there, and when she first approached him, he had some serious Ray Combs Dead Eyes Action going on." -- Bruckheimer] For some reason, this encounter has the feeling of rickety old boxers discussing how much their old injuries bother them. I'm half-expecting her to say something like, "Man, I'm just not the same since I had to have my spleen removed." Incidentally, Brennan's hair continues getting taller by the year.

Fresh from that low-key encounter with Brennan, we now find our fearless recapper in the back of the bar, where she is...fighting with Kevin. Well, I suppose it wouldn't be a TARCon without fighting. There's a lot of yelling about phonies and picking people up and something something, and then he's got his big smirk on and is yelling something about playing a trump card, and she's protesting something about how "that was before I knew you" or something of that sort. It's hard to follow, because they both specialize in being loud without saying anything. He appears to be harassing her about someone named "Bob," and I don't even know who that is. I'm not sure she is either, because it makes her yell, "Irrelevant!" Furthermore, I can't imagine what he's talking about, when he says "trump card." At any rate, they continue yelling until such time as they abruptly stop yelling. And hug. Wha-huh? "I love you," he says into her ear. "Love you, too," she answers. Freaks. Now she's back over by the stairs, where she has run into mjmarble and TAR 1's Brenda, with whom you will recall she had a lovely chat at DinnerCon at the end of the first season. They seem to be discussing whether various racers will be putting in appearances. I'm not sure who's under discussion here, but whoever it is, it's causing Alli to make a "bring it on" gesture, which she really can't pull off in the best of circumstances, so it seems a little ill-advised. Oh, and look! She just mooched another Corona. Mooch!

And now for the comic relief of the evening, Alli is back over by her table when she locks eyes with the still-lovely and still-tall Oswald, who immediately drops his eyelids to deliver the full-on, no-holds-barred, not-suitable-for-children Oswaldian Pheromone Leer. This is the part where she's presumably glad she's already wearing red. When they meet up, he says, "Did you miss me?" "I did," she says. "Which part of me did you miss?" "Pretty much the whole thing," she says. Wow, bungled that one. "Pretty much the whole thing" is just about the lamest answer you could provide for that question. Almost anything else would be better, including several things she will probably think of later, such as, "Florida, as coincidence would have it."

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