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Back in the commercial district, the snowboarders and the father/son adventurers are getting directions to the Confucius Temple. Running off, one of the snowboarders declares the clue "gnarly," so I guess they're finally satisfied that the clue was actually the clue. Meanwhile, the two all-female teams are running around in circles. And Bill has decided that "look up" means that they need to find the tallest building. Too bad the highest skyscraper appears to be many blocks away. As they trudge in that direction, Bill interviews that he taught school for thirty years, and Cathi was a principal at two high schools. "As educators to our students, it was very embarrassing." I would think so. For the students, as well.

Jennifer makes an attempt at the proverb, and although she gets the gist, she's only a few words in before a big cartoon gong with the word "WRONG" stamped on it smashes into the screen. Cindy also gets the Wrong-Gong, as does "Ron & Bill" (the captions can't tell them apart yet either), Amani, Ethan, Sandy, Jennifer, and Ron or Bill again. Finally Cindy gets it right, so she and Ernie are off to their next destination: Dajia Riverside Park. Jennifer also gets it right, so she and Justin leave, running past Ethan, who's having problems dialing the pay phone, and meeting the arriving snowboarders. Zac agrees to try this Road Block, while the snowboarders waste valuable seconds Roshambo'ing to determine that Andy's taking it. Sandy gets her clue next, so she and Jeremy are in third place.

The twins and the showgirls are still searching for their clue when one of the twins says, "You guys?" and dramatically raises both arms to the red-and-yellow billboard, asking, "What's this?" "Are we idiots or what?" Kaylani asks, as though that hadn't been established before the first commercial break. But at least she's the one to drag a local over to tell them what it says.

Meanwhile, a mile away or more, the team who molded so many young Oregonian minds is boarding the elevator to the top floor of the highest building they can see. Cathi sticks her head out at the top and pulls it back in, satisfied they've got nothing. "Well, color me stupid," Bill says once they're back out on street level, trying to find clues in the clouds. Even after the ads, their search continues as Cathi says they're problem-solvers who are not accustomed to being defeated. Well, they do have a problem to solve: they suck at this.

Andy is trying to get the proverb right, and the Amazing Editors are playing some reggae music to go along with it and really underscore the stoner vibe. Come on, now, these guys are athletes. Andy's arms, at least, don't say "slacker" to me. However, the proverb leads him to a verbal faceplant. Zac also misses his first attempt. Ethan close-talks it to the monk, correctly this time, and the monk pops his eyebrows after handing over the clue like, Whoa, that dude was intense. And sweaty.

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