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When the Eva Air flight lands, the twins and the showgirls make it onto the second bus, leaving the grandparents on what Bill calls "the tail end of the duck." Or, you know, the last bus. I say anyone who uses that expression deserves to be there.

On to the business district, which is dense with buildings, people, and advertisements, particularly a prominent archway painted to advertise Green Lantern. A moment of nostalgia, please, for when that was going to be a good movie. The eight lead teams pile off the bus and scatter, with no idea what they're looking for. Adding to the difficulty is the fact that the busy visual landscape includes an awful lot of red and yellow, including maintenance workers in red-and-yellow conical hats. Ernie and Cindy walk right to the square with the clue billboard overhead, Cindy muttering from their instructions, "Look up for your next clue" and completely failing to notice the red-and-yellow billboard looming over the entire intersection. The eagle-eyed snowboarders, however, spot yellow-and-red undershorts peeking over the pants of a shirtless garbage man and ask him for a clue, but get no help there. As Jenna and Ethan reach the central intersection right below the billboard, Jenna says, "It has to be in some sort of central location." She's correct, but then they walk right on past it. Marcus spots the right billboard and is like, that can't be it, right? but then he and Amani keep going too. Other teams are also lost, and Jennifer and Justin are lost and bickering. "It's just the beginning," Justin sighs. Jennifer says she could care less, and Justin interviews, with his sister right there, that the challenges of the race are exhausting enough without the added challenges of their relationship. More bickering, and it's that most tiresome of all bickering varieties, that being bickering about bickering. These two are going to have a long race, no matter how many legs they run.

Eventually they meet up with Amani & Marcus, the latter of whose mind is still on the "balloons," so they head back to the correct billboard together and get to work copying down the characters. Flight attendants Bill & Ron are also wandering around, and when they spot the other teams under the billboard at the end of the street they head in that direction. By the time they get there, Justin is showing his notebook with the characters written in it to a local, who tells them, "Confucius Temple." Those two teams are happy to have a clue, and Jennifer rightly says they should keep it quiet. Other teams are starting to notice that billboard. Cindy, who is Asian-American, is copying down the characters, although she can't actually read them despite seven years of Chinese school. Jeremy & Sandy have also copied down the characters and are directed to the Confucius Temple by the same guy who helped the siblings and Team NFL, and Ron & Bill are also being directed that way, as are Ernie & Cindy.

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