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Kaylani's name is announced over the PA, calling her to the Information Desk. Better that than being intercepted in the terminal by a stern-faced Phil, still wearing the same clothes he had on the last time they saw him. They head over, and a guy in a leather jacket either recognizes them or spots their matching pink-and-black outfits and -- get this -- hands over Kaylani's passport. They all dash excitedly over to the Eva Air counter so the girls can book their tickets at long last, and then hug the two dudes who came to their rescue. It seems they found her passport at the gas station, and the dude in the hat explains that there was another group of racers who talked to him earlier. Sure enough, it's the same guy who gave Andy and Tommy directions to LAX, so it's even luckier for these two that the snowboarders got lost, otherwise they would have been long gone by the time the showgirls turned up. He explains that after finding the passport, he Tweeted (and we see it on the screen), as RyanStorms: "So #TheLife gets crazier so after being randomly filmed for the amazing race I see that one of them dropped there [sic] passport!!" Okay, I know I'm spoiled because I tend to follow people who can punctuate, capitalize, and spell, but, "#TheLife"? Anyway, someone Tweeted him back (and we also see), "Whats her name? She'll need her passport! Can you get it to LAX?" So he and his buddy came to the rescue, with Kaylani's passport. His buddy tells the girls he hopes they win (they won't), and with high-fives all around, they're on their way, the last team on the last flight. But they're better off than they would have been without Twitter, which I find is true of most people. Meanwhile, Zev and Justin are watching at home saying, "If our passport photos showed us as hot babes, someone would have brought ours back to us, too."

Looks like Bing has unseated Google Maps as the home of the Amazing Colored Lines, as we see both flights zip across the Pacific at night to Taipei. Phil tells us that when they land, they'll take buses to the Ximending Commercial District, where they'll search not for a clue box, but a certain billboard. The camera zooms in on one animated screen showing a cluster of red and yellow umbrellas, which vanish to reveal four Chinese characters that Phil says spell out their next destination. How hard could that be?

The first flight, China Air, touches down and soon the eight lead teams are on the bus into town. During the ride, Cindy asks Marcus if he's a football player. He demurs, "I used to do a little round ball," and awkwardly adds that he's done some "protection" for famous people. He explains to us that like Ethan and Jenna, he's not going to advertise his past either so as not to become a target, and gives a lengthy justification for how what he said wasn't technically lying, since he's not currently a football player and he used to protect Peyton Manning on the field. As if anyone cares, up to and including Amani, who gives him an eloquent "whatever" look.

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