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Teams are starting to arrive at the airport. Ron and Bill, the flight attendants, are the first to get there, I guess because they know all the best ways to get to LAX from anywhere, with Team Survivor right behind them.

On the road to LAX, Kaylani has, to her credit, not taken very long to realize that her passport is gone. If it were me, I wouldn't know it was missing until I had to show it to someone, so points for that, at least. They figure all they can do is go back and see if it fell out of the truck at the gas station, which we know perfectly well it did. "I'm seriously gonna vomit all over the place," Kaylani announces. Yes, that should fix it.

The first three teams, including Ernie & Cindy, have their Air China tickets. The showgirls are back at the gas station, and the passport is nowhere to be seen -- nor has anyone turned it in to the cashier. All they can think to do is go to the airport and see if another team picked it up, which seems like a pretty desperate Hail Mary to me. "If none of them have it, it's over," Lisa says. For them, she means. I think the other teams still get to keep racing.

Speaking of whom, more teams are getting booked on the Air China flight: Amani & Marcus, Laurence & Zac (Laurence, with his British accent, sounds extra-cool saying "Flight double-oh-seven"), and Jennifer & Justin. It's now dark outside, and the showgirls have arrived. In the parking shuttle, Lisa holds up her passport for the camera, virtuously saying, "Lisa has her passport." Kaylani points out that anger won't get them anywhere. Easy for her to say. The snowboarders somehow dropped from first to seventh on the way to the airport, like it matters to them, because they're still on the first flight. Jeremy and Sandy get the last slot on that flight, which they're just fine with. The next team to reach the Air China counter is Kaylani and Lisa, asking if anyone turned in a lost passport. No luck there. "It's over," Lisa announces. Kaylani, refusing to follow Lisa to... I don't know, wherever Lisa thinks she's going, says they need to "come up with a plan" and "communicate," which Lisa correctly, if unhelpfully, points out, "You have no passport!" So plans and communication are probably not going to accomplish much. Unless Lisa communicates her plan to kill Kaylani, and even that would slow them down even more.

Team Friendly Skies and Team Survivor are in the airport bookstore, presumably doing a little research. Jenna interviews that they aren't going to tell anyone they were on Survivor. But obviously they don't have to, because a bunch of other teams are hanging out at the departure gate, already talking about the Survivor people. Not all of them recognized Ethan and Jenna, but Sandy and Jennifer were both aware that they're both million-dollar winners, and they're not shy about sharing their information. "That's just greedy!" Justin says. Ethan and Jenna interview how being on Survivor might just make them targets. Thanks, Boston Rob.

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