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The teams sprint across the courtyard and start grabbing umbrellas and opening them, with really no idea of what they're looking for. You can tell because people just start bringing random umbrellas to Phil and lining up for his approval, so he gets really quick at telling them, "Not correct." The snowboarders, however, decide to "look for vowels," so they're the first to find a TAI umbrella and get their keys to leave. The other teams have no idea how they did that, other than that "it had an 'I' on it." Amani and Marcus are so excited to get it right next that they almost leave without car keys, until Phil calls them back. They looked ready to run all the way to Los Angeles International Airport. Andy and Tommy get into their SUV, where a video of Phil on the dashboard screen congratulates them on figuring out their first destination, "Taipei, Taiwan." Dashboard Phil might be giving them a little too much credit. Amani and Marcus are also in their car, and soon two teams are rolling through the neighborhood in a very short caravan.

Liz and Marie, the blonde twins, are the next to get it right and get on their way, with Ethan and Jenna close behind. So that's four very excited teams en route to LAX. Credits! M. Edium finds that shot of Christ the Redeemer over Rio familiar, and identifies it as "that statue of a person." His grandparents would freak. It's probably time we start giving him a little more of an education on the subject of Brazil.

Jeremy and Sandy, the previously married dating couple I'm calling Team Pre-Owned, are the next to find the right umbrella, and crash into each other running out of the courtyard. Ernie and Cindy get it next. As Jeremy and Sandy get into their truck, we hear more of Phil's dashboard video as he explains that they have two flights to choose from: one on China Airlines, which has room for the first eight teams, and another on Eva Air, which leaves twenty minutes later. As if twenty minutes is going to be a huge gap on a transpacific flight. Ron and Bill find the right umbrella and get a key, followed by Bill and Cathi, who says, "bless you" to Phil before scampering off. Laurence and Zac, the father/son team, get it next, in ninth place. They may be good at life-or-death situations, but the Amazing Race doesn't have too many of those.

On the road to LAX, the snowboarders decide to stop and ask for directions. They pull into a Shell station and get directions to the 605 from a customer. This will be vitally important later. Back at the starting line, Phil seems to yell out, "Only two teams left! Remember, the last team to finish gets the Hazard penalty." Although that was clearly looped in later. The siblings, Justin and Jennifer, get it second-to-last, leaving only the highly intelligent showgirls still searching. But they soon find what they're looking for and head out, as Phil reminds us yet again that Kaylani and Lisa will have to do the Hazard. As they get into their truck with Lisa at the wheel, Kaylani says it sucks to leave in last, "but anything can happen." And it's about to. They pull into that selfsame Shell station for directions to LAX. Instead of asking a customer, they go inside to ask the cashier and then hop back in their truck, as an Amazing Cameraman zooms in tight on the passport lying on the pavement next to the back wheel. And there it stays as the truck pulls out. This could be a very short race for them. But what's an Amazing Cameraman doing staying behind at the gas station anyway?

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