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Ron and Bill are domestic partners and flight attendants, "both from Southern California." They hope their industry background will give them an edge over younger teams who are in better shape, as well as their ability to work together. "When it all unravels, I take it back," one of them says. Of course, there was a team of flight attendants in TAR14, but Jodi and Christie had the disadvantage of not being a couple as well.

Amani and Marcus have been married ten years, and are from Pine Mountain, Georgia. He played with the Indianapolis Colts for ten years, racking up 40 touchdown catches and protecting Peyton Manning. I know almost as much about football as I do about Survivor so I'll take his word for it. He interviews that he misses competing, but says he's back in game mode. "Anything less than winning for us is not an option," he vows, while his wife looks from him to us like she's starting to wonder what she's gotten herself into.

Kaylani and Lisa are "former showgirls from Las Vegas, Nevada." Over shots of them in shorts, bikinis, and their showgirl costumes, Kaylani interviews that people will look at them and think that since they're so pretty, they must be dumb. Which is totally unfair, because they're not all that pretty. Lisa predicts that the other teams will see them "from here up," pointing at her boobs, but insists that they've got it going on upstairs, as well. Which is why she got the direction wrong when she pointed at her boobs.

So that's eleven teams. Phil asks us which one of them will win, like we're supposed to know, and starts the long hike back down the PCH to the temple. Fortunately, we get to skip that walk and cut right to the courtyard, where the teams are lined up in front of him as usual. He gives them the usual welcome speech, explaining about the twelve legs, with the million dollars waiting for the winner of the final leg, and the Express Pass that's up for grabs for the winners of this first leg.

With that out of the way, Phil indicates their first challenge behind them. It's a long wall that looks like what would have appeared onscreen if Keanu Reeves had said in The Matrix, "We need umbrellas. Lots of umbrellas." Phil says that the umbrellas make up part of a word puzzle that they'll need to solve using six letters that will appear at the top of the display. Although the racers-to-be don't yet know what those letters will be, we get a flash-forward telling us that those letters will be "WANPEI." Each of the umbrellas has three letters on it, and using those letters twice and combining them with the other six will tell them their first destination. It sounds complicated, but Phil's explanation makes even less sense. Flash-forward again, as we see that they'll be looking for umbrellas with the letters T, A, and I, to form TAIWAN, TAIPEI. If they get it right, Phil will give them the keys to one of the white SUVs parked outside. Oh, and the team who finishes last? They'll get to inaugurate a brand-new penalty called a Hazard, which they'll have to do at some point during this leg. So basically it's a Speed Bump, except you get it for sucking at the beginning of this leg instead of sucking the whole previous leg. Phil signals the sign to flip, so they all get a nice long look at WANPEI before he says, "The world is waiting for you. Good luck. Travel safe. [Massive eyebrow-pop.] Go!" Yep, still cool.

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