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Phil describes Laurence & Zac as "father and son adventurers from Thousand Oaks, California." Zac says he became the first person under 18 to sail around the world in 2009. Presumably this circumnavigation will go somewhat faster. Laurence says that he and Zac have been through life-or-death situations, but when the odds are stacked against them, "we normally rise to the challenge." Presumably, otherwise they'd be at the bottom of the ocean now.

Ernie & Cindy are "recently engaged, from Chicago, Illinois." Cindy says she's a control freak, but Ernie's hoping the race will loosen her up a little bit, Yes, The Amazing Race certainly does seem to bring out the laid-back side of its competitors. Nothing helps people learn to relax and go with the flow like racing for a million dollars in unfamiliar surroundings.

Justin and Jennifer, from Stone Mountain, Georgia, are brother and sister, and they look it. Over footage of them fishing back home, they talk about how they have ups and downs, but they talk it (or yell it) out. "She's a little bit of a hothead," Justin condescends, and says it could be a challenge. Jennifer agrees. That'll show him.

Bill and Cathi are "married grandparents from Albany, Oregon." Why doesn't this show ever get unmarried grandparents? I expect unmarried grandparents by the 50th season, or I'm going to become incensed. Apparently these two have lived on a farm for 40 years, which, as Cathi says, means that they "really understand manual labor." We get a demonstration of this in the form of the two of them on a tractor. Running a farm without a tractor, that's manual labor. They figure the challenges on the race will be just like another day on the farm. We'll see.

Liz and Marie are twin sisters from Deerfield, Illinois, and they appear to be the designated blondes for the season. I'm not going to promise I'll be able to tell them apart any time soon, but if I could differentiate Jaime and Cara I can probably figure these two out eventually. They interview about how well they can communicate without even speaking, and then stare at each other eloquently for the cameras. One of them explains, "We're not breaking up, we're not losing each other. We're stuck with each other." So don't waste your time making up "Free Liz" or "Free Marie" t-shirts, okay? As if you know which is which either.

Jeremy and Sandy are dating, from "the San Francisco Bay area." They've both been married before and don't live together, so this will be more time than they usually spend with each other. Jeremy compares it to taking a car to the shop to see if you want to buy it. Sandy laughs, as opposed to deciding right on the spot that she's got a lemon on her hands, like most people would.

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