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Ron and Bill have arrived at the dragon boats in eighth place, and here come the showgirls as well, excited to have caught up with another team. Yes, they've clawed themselves all the way up to ninth place.

Cut to Cathi getting ready for her first attempt at the Road Block, complete with the Poignant Edit Of The Sweet But Doomed. Bill talks about their 41 years of marriage and the importance of mutual support. He has confidence in her, and sure enough, she gets the phrase right on the first try. And she's happy that they get to take a cab to the next place. Could they actually close the gap? Of more than four hours?

Ethan and Jenna arrive at the mat as team number four. Bill and Ron are on their way to the Pit Stop, having finished the boats in eighth place. The showgirls are also done rowing, still in ninth. Amani and Marcus arrive at the mat in fifth place. Liz and Marie make it to the boats and set out, just hoping they're not in last place. Then there's a four-way race to the mat, with Zac getting there first, followed closely by his dad Laurence, then Andy, then Tommy. Phil gets them properly arranged, and so Zac & Laurence are Team number six, and the snowboarders are team number seven. The twins finish the boats in tenth place. Ron and Bill arrive as team number eight, and then Kaylani and Lisa as team number nine, much to their excitement. "You had a rough start to this race?" Phil prompts them. Lisa says they thought it was over, and Kaylani says it was "quite the journey." They each hold up their passports for Phil, and Kaylani interviews, "I guess that's why they call it the Amazing Race, because you really never know what's gonna happen. It's not over till it's over." And sometimes, as we're discovering more than once tonight, it's not even over then.

Liz and Marie are team number ten, and they practically tackle Phil with hugs while the Taiwanese army officer greeter is left out in the cold. They're just happy not to be last.

But how could they be, in a race that still has Bill and Cathi in it? At this point, they're out on the water in their dragon boat and just enjoying the day. Cathi VOs about how the race was frustrating and "one of the hardest things we've ever done" (all two days of it, most of that time on a plane), but they've enjoyed it. "That was more fun than I've had all day," she chirps as the boat coasts into the dock. They finally take it to the mat, and Phil tells them they're the last team to arrive. Grandparents on this show are like black guys in horror movies. "However," Phil says, "this is a non elimination leg and you are still in the race." What? Okay, well, I guess that's one less non-elimination episode to sit through later in the season. He warns them of the Speed Bump they'll have to deal with in the next leg, and breaks some additional news: "For the first time ever, in Amazing Race history, we have a double elimination leg." Yes, two teams will be Philiminated next week. Could be interesting. Cathi interviews that they'll need some ginseng to boost their energy level (so, you know, good thing they're in Taiwan), "but after the day that we've had, oh my gosh, we can put all of our energy into positive ideas about tomorrow." Yes, I'm positive they'll be Philiminated.

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