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Liz is making her first attempt at the proverb, and gets it wrong on the very first word, saying "with" instead of "in." Lisa runs past her and gets it right on the very first try, which is rather impressive. On the sidelines, Marie looks pretty unhappy to be left behind. But Team Vegas still has their Hazard to get through, on account of how they blew the initial challenge. According to their instructions, they have to take a taxi to the Core City Pacific Mall and find their next clue on the eleventh floor. They take off, while Liz tries again and gets it wrong again, although she gets the first three words right this time around. Well, that's progress.

Bill and Cathi, meanwhile, are four hours into their search for the first clue of the race, and decide to head back to the district to look again. Well, if all else fails, do what you were supposed to do in the first place.

Kaylani and Lisa arrive at the mall, and find the triangular Hazard sign with their clue envelope waiting there for them. Phil rides one of the mall escalators as he explains: "One team member must leap headfirst into this crowded mall." It's an indoor bungee jump into a big atrium, though, so they should be fine. Kaylani interviews that the last time she did this, jumping off the Stratosphere in Vegas, her harness started coming loose. I wonder if her passport fell out of her pocket too. "Yeah, it wasn't a good experience," Lisa understates. But Kaylani's doing it this time anyway. She takes an escalator up to a catwalk, and while Lisa and crowds of Taiwanese shoppers watch, she waits through the countdown and dives right off. She only drops three or four floors, though, I assume because a longer cable might have her rattling around against the sides of the atrium like a clapper in a bell. Once she's back on her feet on the catwalk, she says, "I said I'd do anything for a million dollars, I meant it." It's still early.

Liz takes another crack at the proverb, getting the general meaning right but not the actual words. From the sidelines, Marie yells at her impatiently. Dissolve-montage of Liz listening to the proverb about failure and then living it, over and over again, while Marie yells more and more unhelpfully. You'd think that if your partner is trying to memorize exact words, screaming additional ones at her would be counterproductive. At the very least, maybe Marie should go back to that nonverbal communication they were bragging about in their introduction.

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