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Ernie & Cindy's taxi drops them off near an asymmetrical suspension bridge that marks the Dijia Riverside Park. Do I have to mention that it's next to a river? Under the bridge, they find a guy who hands them a clue telling them to "join a dragon boat race team." It's basically Chinese crew rowing, but only one racer has to row with the crew; the other only has to beat the drum. Which: lame. Phil says if they can manage that, the boat captain will give them their next clue. All 220 or so rowers in the background raise their oars and cheer. Cindy will be doing the drumming, and after they get into matching team t-shirts and dorky pullover life jackets, they run over to the waiting boats and hop into one, quickly getting underway with the rowing and the drumming. "I feel so Asian right now," Cindy says happily in her flat Midwestern accent.

Amani gets the proverb correct, so she and Marcus are in fifth place, and he's very excited about it. Zac finishes in sixth. The bespectacled flight attendant finishes in seventh. Those matching teal shirts they've got on really show the sweat, don't they? Andy gets it correct as well, so he and Tommy are in eighth place and in search of "a crazy taxi driver." Then the twins and the showgirls arrive, and this one is being done by Liz and Lisa, respectively. Not that I can tell the twins apart yet, but one of them is going to be using the other's name a lot, here in a minute.

Out on the river, Ernie and Cindy's dragon boat makes the turn around the buoy and heads back. Jennifer and Justin arrive at the park in second, and Jennifer's doing the drumming, as Sandy will be doing for her and Jeremy. They all get prepped, and soon there are three teams out on the river, the two later arrivals meeting the returning Ernie and Cindy on their way back. Of course the latter team docks with its lead intact, and get their clue sending them to...the next Pit Stop. That seems soon.

Over a subtitle reading "Martyr's Shrine," Phil tells us that the building we're looking at is "in memory of the hundreds of thousands of soldiers who died protecting Taiwan." Now, to honor them, there's a ceremonial changing of the guard every hour. That's a lot of guards they're going through, then. More importantly for our purposes, this is the Pit Stop. "The last team to check in here may be eliminated," Phil says. "May?" In the season premiere? Don't make us laugh, Phil. But clearly Philimination is the last thing on Ernie and Cindy's mind, as she says, "Let's go get that Express Pass." Jeremy and Sandy also finish up in second, with Jennifer and Justin in third.

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