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Over shots of the bustling capital city of Lilongwe, Phil narrates, "Malawi is a densely populated African country centered around Lake Malawi." Or bordered by it, but it's not like this show is about geography or something. Crowds and activity give way to scenic views of that body of water as he continues, "Its idyllic white sand beaches make it the perfect setting for a resort like this." Cut to Phil standing on the raised beach of the Sunbird Livingstonia, the start of the race's eighth leg, and what looks like a pretty comfortable place for the racers to have spent the night. Andy and Tommy, who won the previous leg (as usual) are leaving in first place at 3:12 PM. Also as usual, Andy is the hyperkinetic one, excitedly hopping up and down, and side to side, and in and out of phase with reality while Tommy opens the clue and reads, "Fly to Copenhagen, Denmark." Phil narrates that that'll be five thousand miles from Africa to Northern Europe, "and, for the first time in Amazing Race history, the city of Copenhagen, Denmark." Hard to believe there are still places they haven't been, after the total of seventeen thousand, eight hundred twenty-nine legs the Amazing Race has seen.

After landing, they'll hop into one of a fleet of product-placed vehicles to drive themselves to Vor Frelsers Kirke bell tower, a high spire attached to a church whose Danish name Phil clearly relishes wrapping his lips around. Tommy also reads from the clue, "Caution, Double U-Turn ahead." A second one in a row? And still no Fast Forwards? After three non-elimination legs? Who did the advance planning on this season, the creators of 24? In a pre-leg interview, Andy admits that after winning five legs, "People are not smiling at us as much." In their taxi to the airport, they further read from the clue, "Due to limited availability, you have pre-purchased airline tickets to Copenhagen. If you are able to book flights that you find more advantageous [which Andy pronounces "advantage-us"], you may do so." They thus resolve to get to Copenhagen before 8:20 the next morning, which is the scheduled arrival time of the flight they're automatically on. Think anyone else will try that?

Ernie and Cindy are opening their clue at, of course, 3:13 PM. Given the whisker-thin margin by which the snowboarders beat them in the last leg, it seems like they should get to go at 3:12:02, but it's not like it would make much difference. Cindy's excited about going to Copenhagen, and as for the Double U-Turn, she declares, "We're so using it." Ernie interviews how upset they were at basically having first place "stolen" from them in the last leg, even though they lost it fair and square. "But now we're gonna start fresh again and hopefully not make the same mistakes." How could they, unless they have another Express Pass to piss away?

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