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"This! Is Vienna, Austria," Phil narrates over symphonic-scored footage of a city that could hardly be anyplace else. He adds that it's "known as the City of Music, and once the home to the world's greatest classical composers." And it looks like Haydn, Strauss, and Mozart put up statues of themselves so we wouldn't forget. Phil is coming to us from a huge green lawn as he concludes, "And in the center of this country's capital, Schloss Schönbrunn, a magnificent castle, which is now the start of the seventh leg in a race around the world." Which is usually about the point in the season where I actually sit through the opening credits and say at least twice, "Oh, yeah, them."

Nicole & Travis won the previous leg, as you may recall, so they're the first to start this leg, at 12:03 PM. Now the show is just going way too easy on these teams with the departure times. If people are leaving on a fresh leg of the race at the same time they'd be leaving for lunch, which takes away half the challenge. The ER docs are quite excited to learn that they'll be going to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. Clearly, so is the Amazing Musical Score Composer, who throws in some crazy Ali Baba music over some footage of Abu Dhabi's spectacular architecture. That architecture includes the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, which Phil describes as one of the largest mosques in the world. I find that easy to believe; indeed, it's hard to picture a larger one, as Phil goes on to say that it was "built as a monument to unite Islamic culture." And failing that, to give them all a place to stay. Obviously this is where the racers will be getting their next clue. As the ER docs commence the long run from the expansive grounds of the Schloss to find a cab, we hear Travis say that "power parents" are feeling good about being in first place. And that is the only time you will see me use that nickname in this recap. Travis adds that they're trying not to get flustered because they know their kids are watching, and they want them to say, "See, my mommy and daddy work hard to get a better outcome." Sure, there are kids who talk like that.

At 12:09 PM, Nicky & Kim are proud to be leaving in second place. This really is pretty impressive for any team, let alone them. But Kim is aware that they need to be a little more "on," because every second counts. Remember that.

The Afghanimals are off at 12:10 PM in third place, and you can imagine how excited they are to be going to Abu Dhabi. "I'm coming home to the motherland!" Jamal yells as Leo does his standard ululating during their run to the cabs. I'm no expert in the region, but aren't Afghanistan and the UAE different countries? Even before getting a taxi, their first stop is a hotel lobby to check the internet, where Jamal says that being from the Middle East and having a smattering of Arabic should give them an advantage. Using Phil's favorite travel website, they find a flight that will get them to Abu Dhabi at 5:50 the next morning and resolve to get themselves on it. That actually seems like a solid plan. Who are these guys?

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