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We come back to find Jen still stressing about TK and Rachel not showing up, and then TK and Rachel show up. Everybody runs for the train, which is getting ready to leave. Running down the platform, Rachel sees Nick and Don, and once again, she's happy to be saved via bunching. Nick smiles and shakes his head, and TK interviews that he knew things were good when he "saw Nick's big head coming around the corner." That's true; Nick is not inconspicuous. TK and Rachel are literally jumping around with happiness, which is sort of heartwarming. They did a good (not great) job with this leg, but I have to say, Jen isn't wrong that they've been saved two different times when their natural placement would have put them at a huge disadvantage. If they hadn't received both the initial boost of the delay at the Floating Gardens with its resulting delay in flights and this delay at the train, which erased the Speed Bump to the point where there was essentially no reason for them to do it, they would have wound up behind and almost surely been eliminated. They were a half-hour behind the other teams, if it's true that Nate and Jen and Nick and Don showed up at 7:30 and this is a last-minute arrival right at 8:00. Having a half-hour lag erased this late in the leg when all the air travel is over is more bunching than most people get; they're really, really lucky in that regard.

But anyway, Nate and Jen are blissfully ignorant of TK and Rachel's arrival, and are piling into the train all happy, but when they see Nick and Don, Nick fills them in on the bad news. "Oh my goooooosh-uh," Jen whines. What's weird about this is how important it is to her to have someone a whole train behind her. Like, she's really scared to just race everybody -- just get off the train together and be fastest. She wants the flight delay, or the train delay; she doesn't want to just...race. I will now discuss racing integrity! Not really.

In first place, Ron and Christina get off the train back in Taipei. They get a cab to the teahouse.

On the train, Rachel is bragging about how "all of [their] hard work is still paying off," and...I really, really like them, but I hope she also understands that their hard work in this leg would have been for shit if not for a lot of luck and the natural tendency of the race to bunch people up. TK, too, is sitting around congratulating himself on how well they did just to make this train, which...okay, but understand -- they had half an hour to basically go one mile and run through some fireworks. I'm totally unsympathetic to Jen complaining about the bunching, but I'm not that much more sympathetic to TK and Rachel's tendency to discount it.

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