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Nick and Don, on the other hand, are not so bugged and not at all surprised. "It's a race now," Don says. "A true race," says Nick with a smile. "It's on," he grins to the camera as he explains that in all likelihood, this group of three teams will produce the final bootee before the final three.

After some commercials for Comanche Moon (alternate title: Beards 'N' Hats 'N' Guns 'N' Whiskey), we are in a Taipei cab with Ron and Chris as they arrive at the Taipei train station. They find a clue telling them to travel via high-speed rail to Taichung, and then by taxi to Jiji, where they have to locate what appears to be a business called Acrobatics Jeep. That already sounds like the motto should have something to do with motors and throwing up. There, a clue awaits.

Just behind them, here come Nate and Jen, Nick and Don, and TK and Rachel. Jen is still pronouncing it "Ta-Pie" as she discusses it with her cab driver. I'm sure that's earning her the love and respect of the locals. In the cab, tell us that "hatred's in [her] blood right now." I know just how she feels. I also just noticed that her teeth are really, really white, though, so that's to her credit. ["I guess biting Nate's head off keeps 'em shiny. Hate!" -- Sars] Back at the cab stand, as she and TK get ready to leave, Rachel says she doesn't really understand why Jen's being so nasty, since nobody likes it when people catch up, but presumably everybody understands that nobody's doing anything personal to you when that happens. Well, everybody except Jen. Who is currently in her cab saying, with regard to TK, "I want to rip those dreads out of his head." She means that in the not-personal way, though.

Ron and Christina are purchasing their high-speed-rail tickets to Taichung, and Christina asks if there's a schedule she can look at. They board the train without any other teams showing up, so Ron is pleased about that. He comments that the train left right on time, which he happily compares to "German clockwork." Dude just came dangerously close to saying a thing about the trains running on time that I really don't think he meant to say quite so admiringly.

Jen and Nate get the clue at the Taipei station, and they head inside to buy tickets. TK and Rachel show up, but they miss the clue outside (D'oh! Again?), so they come inside and poke around a little before heading back outside to look. Seriously, you guys: settle down. Foraging is okay for mushrooms, but it's not good for clues. They return with the clue and are standing in line when a guy tells them they can buy their tickets from a kiosk and it will be faster. Nick and Don are now at the station, heading inside. TK and Rachel get a hand from their local in purchasing their tickets, so they're sort of set now. TK and Rachel are on the train, hoping that Nick and Don don't make it, and they have some support in that hope from the nearby Nate and Jen. But then Nick and Don come running down the platform -- Don summoning enough juice to book for the train with his own pack on -- and boarding the train. TK good-naturedly high-fives Don as he comes up the aisle, because come on, how can you not? You'd have to be inhuman. It's really funny how the first reaction of TK and Nick is to smile at each other when they see each other, just like it was when TK and Rachel caught up in the immigration line. It's just very...good-natured, all of this. The train heads out.

Ron and Chris get off the train and get a cab to take them to Jiji. The other teams are off the train next, and they're hunting taxis. TK and Rachel are the first ones out, and they share a celebratory smooch. Nick and Don are next, and Nate and Jen are bringing up the rear.

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