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Finally, TK and Rachel spot the clue box, which is good, because that could have taken a really long time. They agree that they missed it because they were "freaking out," and now they finally see the clue and read it. "Thank God we didn't go back down," TK notes. True, that.

At the airport, Nick and Don learn of a 1:15 flight on China Air to replace their current 1:35 PM. Nate and Jen, too, are referred to China Air. Jen gripes that it's very irritating how Ron and Chris are always "one step in front" of her and Nate. Races are very irritating in that way, I'm told. People always running ahead of you! Bitches. So the only team to leave on the 1:00 PM flight out of Osaka headed for Taipei is Ron and Chris. Chris proudly brags as they're waiting at the gate that her father is "afraid to play dirty," but as far as she's concerned, all's fair in racing, so any advantage she can get, she'll go for. I'd respect her attitude somewhat more if she owned up to it with the other teams -- it's the mealy-mouthed "What, I didn't do anything? I believe in playing clean!" that kind of rankles, not the scheming itself. Furthermore, it's really hard to have any idea whether what Christina did had anything to do with what happened. It wasn't clear to me who the people at the counter worked for -- they weren't all wearing the same uniforms, so I don't know whether they had a dog in the fight of which flight people got on or not. Christina certainly seemed to believe she was responsible, and as I said, Nate and Jen have claimed in later interviews that they were initially told there were seats available. But honestly, I think the show would have shown more evidence that Chris actually wrested their seats away from them, if that had happened. Hard to say, but I lean toward no.

TK and Rachel head for the airport. Nate and Jen and Nick and Don get on their 1:15 Air China flight to Taiwan (it would seem). As Nate gloats that there's "no sign of TK and Rachel," TK and Rachel are...buying tickets. Ruh-roh! The second flight takes off. What flight did they get on? We do not know.

Taipei. At 2:51 PM, Ron and Chris are running through the airport. They get a cab to Taipei Main Station. Chris is pretty sure that the other teams will be very close behind, and indeed, at 3:05 PM, Nate and Jen and Nick and Don are seen running off the plane. Both of these teams go to take care of some business -- Nate and Jen to change money; Nick and Don to the immigration line. Jen laments, as they stand in line to change money, that the immigration line is "so long," and she wonders if they should have gone there first. A random Air Japan (I think) plane is seen landing outside. And then Nick and Don turn around, and hey! It's TK and Rachel approaching the immigration line. Rachel is gigglingly excited about seeing other teams, for obvious reasons. In fact, she's so happy that she does a toe-touching high-kick straight out of Bring It On, as TK chuckles and points at the other teams, all, "Thought we were dead, didn't you? DIDN'T YOU?" They're cute. Nate and Jen are not happy when they realize that they are actually behind TK and Rachel in the immigration line. In an interview in which she has a wee red bow tied 'round her noggin, Jen tells us that this was "gut-wrenching."

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