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Ta-Pie In The Face

Ron and Chris are the first team to get to the Osaka airport. They hustle inside, where they spot a flight to Taipei on the Arr/Dep board that leaves at 1 PM. Nate and Jen and Nick and Don aren't far behind.

TK and Rachel get as close to arguing as they ever do, which is to say not very close, as she continues fretting in the elevator that the clue didn't say to go to an observatory and he insists that he really thinks this is the right way. You have to imagine this entire thing taking place at a low, laid-back hum, because these are really not voice-raising people. It's like listening to a court stenographer read back the transcript of testimony: "Defendant then I called him a motherfucking bastard defense counsel did you mean it defendant yes I did defense counsel why did you call him a motherfucking bastard defendant because he took the urn with my mama's ashes and dumped it out in the garbage disposal defense counsel did that bother you defendant yes it did defense counsel is that when you punched him in the mouth defendant you're fucking right."

Ron and Chris are all over the 1 PM flight on EVA Air, and so are Nate and Jen, who are told about the same flight at the counter where they're standing. Both teams are told to wait while they check to see about availability. Meanwhile, Nick and Don get a 1:35 PM flight on Air Japan, where they seem to have headed directly when they got out of their cab.

Back at the observatory, TK and Rachel are still looking for the clue box, and she's still convinced this is the wrong place, while he wants to keep looking and not "cry about it." They literally walk right by the box, which is sadly sitting behind them, so hypnotized by their mellowness that it can only call out weakly, "Hey, dudes. Dudes. Dudes. Hey." They ignore the box.

At the airline counter, a voice-over from Chris says that she's going to try to get on the first flight "and make sure no one else gets on that first flight." She and her dad receive confirmed tickets. She and her dad even get free upgrades because they're on full-fare tickets. Note that the agent doesn't say they're being upgraded because of a lack of space in economy; she says they're being upgraded because if you pay full fare for an economy ticket (which, remember, almost nobody pays full fare by walking up to a counter five minutes before they want to leave), you can get a free upgrade, probably anytime there's clearly going to be room in business/first class. Christina adds, "If there are other requests, can you please tell them it's full?" Immediately (or so it appears), the counter lady walks over to Nate and Jen and tells them there are no seats. Nate and Jen, based on whatever they've seen, immediately are onto Chris, and they tell the lady to please not listen to Ron and Chris. (Nate and Jen would later give interviews saying that they were originally told that there were indeed seats, which is why they're so freaked out when they see Chris talking to the lady, and then they see the lady come back over and announce that there aren't seats anymore.) Jen calls over to Chris, "Are you sure you didn't say anything?" "I didn't say anything," Chris lies. Nate and Jen are told again that the flight is full. Of course, this leads to bickering between Nate and Jen, since that's their response to all stress. Please listen to me, why are you acting like this, why were you ever born, go die, etc. etc. etc. "I just can't believe you're being this mean to me on my birthday," says Jen.

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