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10:18 AM. TK and Rachel leave the pit stop. TK explains the Speed Bump again (we know, we know), and of course, he and Rachel can only hope they can catch up. They vow not to quit. I love the way TK's speech pattern contains the perfect Hippie U. Like, you know how there's the London A, and there's the Alabama "ING"? (I am making these up.) TK has the Hippie U, where he's always like, "We have a speed buuuuump." Like he's pausing in the middle of the word to let the flaxseed bread rise.

Over at the Hole Building, Ron and Chris are getting a taxi to the airport. Nate and Jen, and then Nick and Don, follow. Nick says in the taxi -- in an interview that seems to be taken wildly out of some context or other, though it's hard to imagine what it might be -- that they're going to be aggressive now, because they and everybody else have been playing "like bitches," and that there's nobody left in the race but "pansies." It's like Nick left his body for a moment, and while he was gone, Eric and Jeremy dropped by. That was terrifying. I recommend Nick hose himself down and go through deprogramming immediately. ["That sounded sarcastic to me, or like he was doing some kind of Nate imitation we had no context for." -- Sars]

When TK and Rachel arrive at the building, they apparently don't have any idea that the Floating Garden is the observatory, so they're wandering around the grounds of the building, looking for a regular garden. Meanwhile, in the taxi, Ron says that he just really doesn't want to be eliminated. I...concur with his priorities? Christina decides that this is a good time to discuss the fact that she thinks she and her dad are "a smarter team" than either Nick and Don or Nate and Jen. Smarts ain't everything, toots. Elsewhere, Nate seems to be doing a random dump of the contents of his brain as he announces that he and Jen know nothing of Taiwan except "we think Thai food's pretty good." What amazes me is that he and Jen can't pronounce "Taipei," but they can get "Taiwan" enough to connect it to "Thai food." You'd think that, according to their pronunciation theories, Nate would have instead said, "We think pie is pretty good." Hey -- pie really is pretty good. Mmm, pie. And then we return to Ron, who says, "These guys are smart." Hey, you can't get anything past me -- that's irony.

TK and Rachel at the Hole Building. Finally, he figures out that they need to go inside and up to the observatory, but she's unconvinced. Having seen the hours of operation on the sign (and for those who were suspicious of the handwritten sign on the door, note that you can see a more substantial, permanent sign here as they pass), TK tells her on the way up in the elevator that they're clearly not as far behind as it seemed like they might be. She remains nervous that the clue didn't say to go to any observatory.

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