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They also discuss the fact that TK and Rachel are a long way behind. Jen tells us in an interview that she and her beloved/be-hated "are not playing Mr. Nice Jen And Nate." First of all, that's ridiculous. There's no such person as Mr. Nice Jen And Nate. Think of how confusing it would be for him to check into a hotel. Second of all, even if there were a Mr. Nice Jen And Nate, he would have atrophied while spending the entire race up to this point in seclusion while Actual Jen And Nate vowed in public to despise each other's souls for all eternity. Nate tells us that they're going to tear their shirts off, like the Hulk. I love the idea of two separate Hulks arguing with each other. "It not Hulk's fault! It your fault!" "It not me Hulk's fault! You Hulk to blame!" "You worst Hulk Hulk ever met!" "Hulk hate what you turn into!" "YOU CHEAT ON HULK!" "You right; Hulk sorry." "That better."

7:21 AM. Nick and Don, who tell us they're getting $374 for the leg. In the cab, Don observes frankly that it's stressing him out that he's not really able to do all the running in the race as well as he'd like to. Honestly, it's pretty amazing that he's got it in him to do this much running on this little rest, and it tends to make a lot of other teams throughout history look kind of bad for whining. It's like, "Were you born after World War II? I thought so. Pick up your backpack and cram it." I really think Nick and Don are the model for how to do this very thing, though. Don does have some physical limitations, which he knows about, and which Nick knows about. So Nick pushes him to go as fast as he can, but in the end, Nick carries his bag and doesn't berate him about it. Nick is an example, to me, of "Either don't bring your grandfather at all, or bring him and don't spend the whole time complaining about how slow he is." It's okay to know and to address your partner's limits, but you can't sit around and complain about it. The fact that racing around with the two packs will put forty years on Nick's spine? That's not the point.

Ron and Christina find the building with the hole, and they get out of the cab. Nate and Jen and Don and Nick are not far behind. Nick asks if Don needs him to carry the bag. "No, I'm fine," Don assures him. See? Does as much as he can. When the teams get to the building, however, they find that it's not open until 10 AM, so that's going to eat up a substantial chunk of the lead they have on TK and Rachel. Not all of it, but a good bit of it. All the teams commiserate about losing their lead on TK and Rachel -- honestly, if they watch the show, they can't be all that surprised -- and Nate correctly points out that they should still be somewhat ahead. At 10 AM, the doors finally open, and they all run inside. Nate and Jen scamper onto the first elevator with Ron and Christina, but Nick and Don are a few steps behind and have to get the next one. At the top, as soon as the teams get off the elevator, Nate and Jen are bickering about whether she ran off without him when she got off the elevator. Here, I notice that Jen really likes those red shorts she's wearing. I bet those things smell like Satan's morning breath right about now.

Ron and Christina are the first to open the clue, which tells them to fly to Taipei, Taiwan. From the airport, they'll take a taxi to Taipei Main Station, where a clue awaits. When Nate and Jen open their clue, Jen introduces the fact that she believe "Taipei" is pronounced "Ta-Pie." T-PIE! Hey, yell it loud! A similar mantra worked for a couple of nitwits a couple of seasons back. Sigh. On the way back down in the elevator after they get their clue, Nick takes Don's backpack. Or, if you prefer, "Nick takes Nick's other backpack."

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