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Ta-Pie In The Face

When we get back from commercials, we rejoin their argument already in progress. Having argued until they couldn't think straight, they get on the bus instead of getting a cab, which is even stupider than getting on the subway in the first place. "You are such a poor teammate," he says to her. And then she says, "Thanks a lot for ruining my frickin' birthday."


She says she asked him not to fight with her; he says she makes it hard not to.

And here come Chris and Ron, running to the pit stop. Welcome, you are team number one. According to the captioning, when Christina says, "I love you," her dad says, "I love you, too," but you couldn't prove it by me. To me, it could be "my hernia hurts." Phil tells them that they're in the final three, and that they've won a five-night trip to Curacao. And they can have massages! Father-daughter massages! How very normal! Noooot at all creepy! Aaaabsolutely within appropriate boundaries! Phil says they look really happy, and Ron says Christina is making him "a better person." She's proud of him. Wait until she sees him getting a massage!

Nick and Don get to the rock walk just ahead of TK and Rachel, but for all intents and purposes, they're tied. Rachel and TK get the idea of sort of running across it as fast as possible so it will hurt less. It seems to work, and they pass Nick and Don. Nate and Jen, meanwhile, are at the park as well, or so it is implied. TK and Rachel leave a hair ahead of Nick and Don, with both teams on the way to the pit stop. Nobody knows where Nate and Jen are, but they figure Nate and Jen are probably behind them, not ahead of them. TK and Rachel poach a cab from Nick and Don, putting them slightly ahead.

Nate and Jen run across the pointy rocks.

TK and Rachel and Nick and Don are both having trouble finding cabs, because the one TK and Rachel poached has a driver who doesn't speak English.

Nate and Jen tiptoe on the rocks.

Nick and Don are hunting for a cab.

Nate and Jen turn around and head back.

TK and Rachel get a cab.

Nate and Jen finish up on the rocks.

Nick and Don get into a cab at last. Nate and Jen get into a cab. They're praying they're not last. TK hopes his cab is going to the right place. Nick says they're "crawling" in the traffic. Jen chants, "I don't want to get eliminated. I don't want to get eliminated." TK and Rachel spot the big gates, and they get out and run to the monument. Welcome, TK and Rachel, you are team number two.

Damn. Damn, damn. I know how this goes; it's going to go how this always goes.

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