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Ta-Pie In The Face

Don spots the clown and comes up to him saying, "Are you the happy guy?" He is, and he gives them the clue for the Detour. Don wants to do the pointy stones, and Nick agrees, so they're on the hunt for a taxi. TK and Rachel find the clown as well. They agree that they both have "strong feet" (?), so they're all over the Earth option, and they also need a taxi. Nate and Jen are still looking, and when they find the clown, guess what? Pointy stones. So, no takers on the complicated lantern ritual where you set things you've never worked with on fire and hope they don't blow back into your face? Go figure.

And then! Nate and Jen receive directions from a girl who tells them that the way to get to the park they need is by taking the subway -- recall that everybody else is in cabs. The theory is that the traffic is so bad that the subway will be faster. But Nick and Don get themselves a cab, so these teams are on the way. As Nate and Jen head into the subway, Nate asks Jen whether it really wouldn't be better to just get a cab, but she insists that they have learned that traffic is terrible, and they must take the subway! When they get directions, though, they find that it's not just the subway -- it's the subway and then a bus. Right then, they should have identified this as a very bad idea. Nate wants to ask some more people whether a cab might be faster, but Jen thinks that if they're going to do the wrong thing, they should do it without thinking any more than necessary, so she just wants to go-go-go!

Nick and Don and TK and Rachel are in cabs on the way to the park where the Earth option is located. TK is rubbing his covered head; he's that stressed out. Nate and Jen get off the train and head upstairs. Out on the sidewalk, Nate once again argues in favor of taking a cab instead of the bus, and Jen once again won't listen, not really. She's like, "You're sure? Then let's take a cab." But the way she does it, all you can hear is the fact that she is going to totally, utterly blame him if this doesn't go well. And this causes him to freeze, so now, they're just standing there arguing. Finally, she just says, "You need to step up and make the decision." He's kind of confused by this, since she was totally refusing to listen to him just...recently. "You need to make the decisions right now. Please, you're the man!" And it's not like "you da man," either. It's like, "You are the man, and I am the woman, and therefore, when the going gets tough, I reserve the right to pull my petticoat over my head and shut down completely." This from the woman who so objected to being told that her femininity meant she should be able to string flowers. So Nate says, predictably, "I can't stand you." Then they fight, and it sounds like there's a real swear that's blotted out, like he might say either "you're a fucking shrew" or "you're a fucking shrimp," either of which would be hilarious, but neither of which I believe he actually said. But he said something that certainly wasn't "holy schneikies." He tells her flat-out that she's the one who wanted to take the subway in the first place, and now she's trying to put it on him. They don't like each other. Break up, you guys.

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