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Elsewhere on the train, although she has a valid point to be frustrated about all the falling behind on TK and Rachel's part and being brought back up by transportation schedules, Jen manages to take precisely the wrong lesson from the experience, whining about how unfair it is that TK and Rachel "slack off" while she and Nate are working hard, and it never has consequences. I've never seen TK and Rachel "slack off" -- their recent troubles originated with a malfunctioning travel agent, after all -- but I think that to Jen, not screaming at each other translates to not taking the race seriously. You'd think that at some point, she might learn the real lesson, which is "so-called intensity that comes in the form of temper tantrums does not actually offer a competitive advantage," but she doesn't. She wants to learn the less-real lesson often learned by people right before they lose, which is, "Winning and losing has nothing to do with merit. Nothing!" Nick teases from the row behind her that she should go say hello and "blow them a couple kisses." And Nick does, indeed, head off to say hello to TK and Rachel, taking Don along. Nick, a troublemaker at heart, gleefully passes along Jen's theories of her own hard work and TK and Rachel's slackerdom. We cut to another interview in which Jen tries to explain her position on this, somehow insisting that indeed, she and Nate work hard and TK and Rachel don't, because she does not get it, and she will never get it.


TK quite accurately tells Nick and Don that Jen's issue is that if you don't fight all the time, she figures you don't care. Don has a simpler, and also quite elegant, theory: "They're worried they're going to get eliminated; that's why." Dude, it's so nice just having nice people on the race at this point, who can still sit around a train car and legitimately have a discussion about how things are going. You can see how TK is hanging over the seat talking to Don that he really likes the guy and is talking to him because he thinks Don can offer something helpful. It's been a really long time since people on the race were able to view each other that way, since there were this many adults left at the end. And I'm not talking age, really, since I'd totally include TK and Rachel and maybe not so much Ron. I'm just talking about attitude.

Ron and Chris find their way to the teahouse. They sit down to drink the tea, and Chris reveals that the clue says they have to drink all the tea to reveal the clue at the bottom of the cup, but that they're allowed to take the cups with them. She and her dad blow on the tea to cool it off.

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