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Go Jump in a Lake

The snowboarders show up at Jamaica Shop next, and also decide not to U-Turn anyone. They head back to find their stuff at a dead run. "We can take them," one of them says. So it's going to be a footrace.

Marcus and Amani show up at the beach, and Marcus takes the time to join in with a little drumming while Amani rolls up her pants and wades right in. The boats are a fair distance out, but Team NFL is only hip-deep by the time Marcus arrives at the stern of one to take on his first passenger. Amani takes a chair and an electric fan, which she hasn't delivered by the time Marcus drops off his first human and heads back out.

Ernie and Cindy are back asking their driver, G, for directions to the Sunbird Livingstonia. He sends them hoofing it up a dirt road. "That seems like a very far run," Cindy says. Andy and Tommy do the same thing, but by the time they're on the road, Team Control is out of sight. They'll be tough to catch...maybe.

Justin and Jennifer are in the last-place cab to the Detour, and Jennifer's blaming herself. Justin says he's just glad Jennifer's okay and they're still in it. "We just have to keep running, and when we get to the mat, find out, you know, what place we're in." If nothing else, Justin's affinity for planning the next move remains solid.

Bill and Cathi make it back to shore, and Cathi bows to the cheering kids. Off to search for Jamaica Shop. Laurence and Zac have reached the small flotilla offshore and paddle around. Marcus is delivering his second passenger while Amani schleps two shoulders' worth of sugar cane stalks. He tells her to dig, but admits that he's getting tired too. When he gets back to the boat, he asks if there are any babies to be brought ashore this time. Alas, no. And if there were, they'd probably be in the arms of a grown-up that Marcus would have to carry as well.

Ernie and Cindy are moving as fast as they can up the road, given that Ernie has both their packs on his back and Cindy seems to have a cramp. They're aware that Andy and Tommy are somewhere behind them, and probably gaining. The snowboarders are indeed running for it. Ernie tries to hurry Cindy along, while the snowboarders settle into a slow but steady running pace. Team Control is still in the lead when they walk through the gate to Sunbird Livingstonia Beach. But the run isn't over, and Tommy, thinking he sees Cindy up ahead, tells Andy to speed up "a hair." Team Control is running now too, although the gap is narrowing enough that we can see both teams in a long panning shot. Cut to Phil, standing in front of the mat on the beach next to a greeter who's wearing his hair in a dozen or so long, narrow braids that protrude perpendicularly from his skull to a length of eight inches or more, making him look like a cross between Pinhead and Coolio. Both teams are still running, but now they're on the beach, with Team Control just barely in the lead.'

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