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Bill and Cathi reach the drummers offshore, and Bill says that after almost fifty years together, they work well as a team. Cathi agrees that they don't argue or blame, "And that's how you get it done quickly." I agree, and not just because I'm in a hurry to finish this recap; as an example of how arguing and blaming slows teams down, here's Jeremy, angrily trying to explain to Sandy how to operate her paddle while she tells him to stop yelling at her, like he apparently said he would yesterday. Bill and Cathi pass them coming back, and Jeremy grumps, "This is embarrassing." Yeah, getting passed by the sexagenarians for the second day in a row. "They're just cool and calm and we're not," Sandy interviews while Jeremy looks rueful. "Once again, they just put us to shame." No, you guys did that yourselves.

Justin, still waiting for Jennifer, is starting to worry that maybe she hurt herself or something. Given how well Phil keeps up to date with the goings-on during legs, I think someone in the crew would have alerted him if that were the case. At least she's pedaling back now. "Justin, I need the clue!" she brays frustratedly at him as she rolls up, like this is his fault. Justin thinks he doesn't have it, which looks like it's going to be a whole other hairball, but when she insists that she gave it to him along with everything else, he quickly digs it out of the Amazing Purse. They get their clue from the dispatcher, Justin gives her some water, and she apologizes. "I was worried you were hurt," she says. Jennifer admits she should have just ridden right back. Hard to disagree with that. I've been actively not disagreeing with that this whole time.

Ernie and Cindy have found some building marked "Reception," and the woman inside directs them to Chigumukile Village, "Just down the stairs." They head back out to find someone to ask.

Andy and Tommy paddle past the finish line and flip off their canoe into the water before wading ashore to get their clue. Then they run up along the beach with the lake on their left, with a whole crowd of kids following happily. It looks like just about the best time you can have not knowing where you're going. Ernie and Cindy come to a narrow opening in a bamboo fence and run through it, where they soon encounter the snowboarders and join the crowd running around with no apparent direction. I guess someone's bound to find something this way eventually. Finally Cindy spots a beach shack with "Jamaica Shop" painted under the open front window. Now here's Phil, standing next to a big, fancy new Double U-Turn sign know, I have no idea how they get that thing on a plane. It's got four interactive touchscreens on it, and a big, 3-D segment of road kinked into an imposing U and somehow attached to the bright-yellow road-sign diamond that's absolutely huge in its own right. No wonder they ditched the clue boxes if they were going to have to tote this monstrosity around the world. A less secure man than Phil probably would have refused to share the screen with it. But next to the distracting edifice, Phil says this is a chance for two teams to slow down two other teams by making them go back and do the other Detour option. Team Control is passing up the opportunity. "I don't like being mean-spirited," Ernie explains. They get their next clue, which is sending them to the Pit Stop, Sunbird Livingstonia Beach. Phil drops a little more science on us about Lake Malawi, which was nicknamed the Lake of Stars by the explorer Dr. Livingston. In turn, the first hotel ever built on the shore of the lake was named after him: the "Sunbird Livingstonia." I didn't know that was his first name. The sprawling white compound encircling Phil as he stands on the beach must be the hotel. "The last team to check in here may be eliminated," he says. After three non-elimination legs in six episodes, they damn well better be. Ernie and Cindy decide to go find their backpacks. That's probably a good next step.

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