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Go Jump in a Lake

Out on the lake, Ernie and Cindy are still sliding around on the lake while Andy and Tommy scoot on ahead. So Team Control decides that this is indeed the time to use their Express Pass. What? Who the hell uses an Express Pass in second place? Apparently their thinking is that if someone U-Turns them it'll be a wash. Ernie jumps out and drags the boat back to shore with Cindy in it, and they collect their next clue from the guy on the beach. This clue tells them to find a place called "Jamaica Shop," and they're in a big hurry to get there. Andy and Tommy, meanwhile, have reached the drummer's canoes in the lake. After they paddle around, one of the drummers jumps in the lake, and although the snowboarders are tempted to join them for a swim, they still have a long paddle back, and they are nothing if not responsible.

Bill and Cathi arrive at the festive scene on the lakeshore and get into a canoe. Surprisingly, she doesn't tip it immediately. Since she's in front, Bill wisely tells her she can just paddle on one side. "My butt's gonna be so sore," he says, like he was the one who rode a bike with a wooden seat today. Laurence and Zac jump onto a canoe with Zac in back. Laurence starts barking orders like the coxswain he used to be, but immediately gets frustrated and flustered with trying to communicate his intentions to Zac, who keeps calm and tries to do what his dad says, if only his dad would say it clearly instead of babbling incoherently. Jeremy is also frustrated with Sandy, who he says is in control of the turning. What the fuck did you put her in the back for then, genius? The front of the canoe is for steering and the muscle goes in back. Even I know that and I haven't been in a canoe since I had muscles.

Cindy is asking their taxi driver if he knows where the Jamaica Shop is. "I would go ask," he suggests. Helpful. Meanwhile, the snowboarders are quickly returning to the shore while Team Control casts around the lakeshore area with increasing desperation, looking for someone who knows where they need to go. Marcus is in the cab with Amani, insisting that they need to start thinking, "Our time is now." Too bad they're so far back in the pack during their time, then. He even yells at some farm animals in the road up ahead, "Gotta move, goat! Move, goat!" The goats move when the driver blasts his horn. Marcus appreciates the driver doing that, and compares it to his own approach when playing football. Has he still not said anything to the other racers about having been in the NFL? And if not, how?

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