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Go Jump in a Lake

Laurence and Sandy arrive and make their deliveries. Fortunately they are indeed supposed to have gone to the same address. Sandy suggests they return together as well, so they don't forget the way. Cathi finishes the Roadblock next, so she and Bill are in third place. Marcus is pedaling along a road, worried about the language barrier, but a passing motorist assures him he's going the right way. Laurence returns in fourth place and decides he and Zac are doing Dugout, with Sandy right behind him. "We went so far out of our way," Sandy explains to Jeremy. Once they're in the cab to the lake, Sandy exhaustedly explains the challenge of what she just finished: "Nobody spoke English and I'm not gonna be able to have kids." Jeremy laughs, either at her deadpan delivery or in relief.

Justin and Amani are still waiting for their partners to return, while Jennifer stands around as if waiting for instructions to fall from the sky. When they fail do so, she finally decides to return to the main road to see what she can see. Yes, do that, and then ride it back to Justin. In the meantime, Marcus has delivered his fish-toting passenger and heads back, so as long as Jennifer stands there paralyzed by indecision, he's not really in last place any more.

Team Control and the snowboarders arrive at the scenic path down to the even more scenic lake in first and second place respectively. They reach the shore, which is a very busy scene, with lots of singers and drummers and kids and fish being fried. They run past all this to one of the dugout canoes, which are basically hollowed-out logs and thus way too heavy for them to easily slide into the water. Also, the gunwales look less than a foot away from each other, so any thought of settling into the canoe like an open-topped aluminum model back home is out of the question. You don't sit in these so much as on them. Ernie and Cindy soon find themselves in trouble with the steering of the craft, which rides so high in the water they spend most of their time skidding around sideways. Meanwhile, Andy and Tommy are so unchallenged they have time to admire the vast lake. The far shore isn't even visible, which, given that Lake Malawi runs almost the entire length of the country, isn't all that surprising.

Marcus finishes the Roadblock in sixth place and rejoins Amani, who's pretty excited to see him before Jennifer shows up. They grab a taxi to do Lugout, because apparently they didn't get enough of carrying heavy things yesterday. "We gotta go fast, like your momma's in the hospital and you gotta get there," Amani tells the cabdriver. Justin? Still waiting. "As soon as she gets here, we'll move on as well," he narrates, like they have other options. She's just wheeling her bike around the neighborhood of her delivery spot, asking bystanders, "Have you seen any other Americans?" She tells us that all she can do is wait for another team to show up. She's in for a long wait, if that's her plan. Long dissolve shots of her standing in the middle of the road, baking in the sun, paralyzed by fear of doing the wrong thing. Which, ironically, is exactly what she's doing. Finally, after an unknown amount of time that even includes a commercial break, Jennifer decides to just return the bicycle and hope for the best. Which is the best solution no matter what, and has been for quite a while now.

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