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Andy begs a bolt off some locals by the side of the road, and after getting some help hammering it in, he's back on his way, pedaling slower now so as not to break it again. Laurence and Sandy stop for directions and are pointed "two kilometers that way." Laurence encourages Sandy as they get started pedaling in that direction. He's nicer about it than Jeremy usually is, though.

Andy's bike holds together long enough to get him to his destination, with Cathi arriving close behind. So for future reference, an Olympic snowboarder with a broken pedal can carry a man on his bicycle slightly faster than a 62-year-old woman. "You will pay me," she instructs, and gets her cash. Cindy arrives back at the dispatcher's shack asking, "Who's the main dude?" and is a little surprised to learn she was the first to finish. They get their next clue from the dispatcher, and it's a Detour. Suddenly Phil is walking along next to a fleet of dugout canoes beached on the shore of a lake. He tells us, "Lake Malawi has more species of freshwater fish than any other lake in the world, and is the lifeblood for millions of people." Thus both Detour options are about the lake. In "Dugout," they "participate in the Lake Malawi Dugout Canoe Race, Amazing Race-style." Or, as the phrase "Amazing Race-style" usually indicates, not at all. In a nod to Malawi's long cultural traditions dating back thousands of years, there are hand-painted banners advertising this as the twelfth iteration of this annual event. What the Amazing Racers will need to do is paddle one of the dugout canoes out to some other boats in the lake manned by drummers, circle around them and then paddle back to get their next clue from a man on the beach. For "Lugout," they wade out to a ferry and help unload cargo: two boxes of cabbage, two bundles of sugar cane, two bundles of brooms, a chair, a fan and eight adult human beings "who expect to stay dry." Upon finishing, they'll get their next clue from a porter, who I'm sure will be glad to hand it over in exchange for having that much of his work done for him. Team Control goes with Dugout.

Andy arrives back at the dispatcher and gets his clue, even though he's bringing his bike back broken. They're also doing Dugout, and in the cab to the lake, Tommy tells Andy that Ernie and Cindy are the only ones ahead of them.

Amani seems to be closing in on solving the puzzle, and finally gets it done. Now they can go get the clue for the Road Block. Marcus is doing this one, and he says he trained for the race by biking uphill with eighty-pound sandbags. As you do. Jennifer is the next to finish her delivery, but then she says, "Oh, crap." She realizes that she gave Justin her clue, so she has no idea what to do next. Well, I would advise her to return to Justin and get it, which after all would not take her too far out of her way. But instead, she stands looking around in confusion while locals watch her and wait for her to do something. Unfortunately for everyone concerned, they're going to be waiting a while.

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