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Ferrying his bike-taxi passenger through town, Andy tells us that this is nothing new for him; in fact, he used to balance passengers on the back and the handlebars of his bike when he was a kid. Wonder how many he lost. Sandy is following Laurence, who doesn't know where he's going either. "Right now it's like finding a hair on an elephant's butt," he says. Colorful. Even more colorfully, he says the bike saddle was hard enough to "crush your ____ in a heartbeat if you got the wrong bump." Sandy suggests they work together to find where they're supposed to go. That'll work, as long as they both have the same destination.

Jennifer is getting directions from locals, as is Cathi, who nearly spills her passenger. Good call, giving the bike task to the racer with no balance, but I guess Bill's running out of Roadblocks. Cindy comes off a little judgmental about the kids who aren't in school (maybe it starts after 9:30 in the morning there, lady) and calls Malawi more "primitive" and "less developed" than other African countries she's been to. Way to take advantage of that warm heart, but at least she's not going on about "ghetto Africa." She's also frustrated at how few people seem to speak English even though it's supposedly the country's "official language," which makes getting directions a little tricky. Amani and Marcus, meanwhile, are getting closer on their eleven-tile puzzle, even though they don't know it. Actually, I don't know it either. Maybe they're not. It's so hard to tell on those things until you're three moves away.

Andy's close to his destination when his bike makes a loud clank and he looks down. "My crank just broke," he says. After coasting to the side of the road, it turns out that he pedaled so hard he broke a pin that was holding the whole assembly together. The Amazing Race really needs better bikes this season.

Cindy is the first to drop off her passenger and get a hundred kwacha for her trouble before turning around and heading back. That's about two cents, which makes it seem a little rich when Cindy's fish icon is replaced with a dollar-sign icon to the sound of a cash register. And Amani and Marcus are stuck on their puzzle. The trick to this is when you hit a dead end, just do some random, counterintuitive shuffling, and after you're done, you're usually closer to the solution than you were before. They certainly can't get much farther.

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