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Coming back, it's an all-out sprint to the mat. Cindy tells the snowboarders, "Please let us win, boys," which is kind of lame. Tommy gets to the mat just before Ernie, who arrives at pretty much that same time as Andy and pants, "That's so mean." Tommy compliments Ernie on his hustle and give him a hug, while Cindy limps in and collapses on the sand before crawling off into the shade like she's been gutshot. After an awkward moment to catch their breath, the greeter welcomes them to Lake Malawi. "Thank you, I like your hair," Tommy says. Phil says Andy and Tommy are team number one, and Ernie and Cindy are team number two. "Very close," he understates. Andy and Tommy win a $15,000 Discover gift card, and Ernie and Cindy win fuck-all. Phil congratulates the snowboarders on coming in first five times in seven legs, and Tommy says it was game on. "I feel a little bit bad for passing them up like that," Tommy says. Cindy, looking pretty bitter, says they thought they could win with the Express Pass. But instead they came in second, and now they don't have an Express Pass any more. In other words, I'm pretty sure they just pissed away the best chance they had to win the million dollars. In a post-leg interview, Cindy says they could have come in first three different times had they made better decisions. "And this time it was literally inches. It was there for the taking and we just couldn't pull it through." Back on the mat, Tommy says nobody was going to give it to anyone else. "It's a race and that's the name of the game." Well, it's in the name of the game.

Laurence and Zac are paddling back while Amani carries ashore a load of brooms next to Marcus and his load of person. She says she's about to throw up, but he tells her he can throw up later. Laurence and Zac beach their canoe. Amani is carrying the two boxes of cabbages, which means that after this there's nothing left for them to carry ashore but people. Looks like she's either going to have to do some ferrying as well, or sit the rest of this one out. Laurence and Zac get their clue in fourth, and Laurence says, "We gotta U-Turn somebody." Well, you don't gotta.

Jeremy and Sandy finally get around the canoes in the lake. "Good job. Good steer," Jeremy says. Especially from someone in the back of the canoe.

At the beach, Bill and Cathi arrive after what must have been an equally long run for them and are welcomed to Malawi. "Can I get an appointment?" she asks the guy with the hair. Phil tells them they're team number three. And this was not a physically unchallenging leg by any means. Pretty much the only part of the whole leg that required brains was the Speed Bump. Phil tells the greeter that Bill and Cathi have been together fifty years, which means they've been dating since they were teenagers. "That's good," the greeter grins. Phil asks them their secret, and they say it's talking and communication. Phil tells them it's inspiring how they're racing around the world, "kicking some butt." I don't know if I'd go that far, but in this field, just not screwing up a lot seems to be all you need to stay in it indefinitely.

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