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"Malawi is known as the warm heart of Africa," Phil says, as the cameras rip it, still beating, out of the continent's chest and show it to us. Not really, but with all the b-roll they're showing it kind of feels that way. "This tiny nation is a major player in the world's tobacco trade," he adds, and welcomes us back to the most recent Pit Stop, Kulambi Village just outside the capital city of Lilongwe. We see teams after the end of the previous leg, still carrying their own beds, believe it or not, and moving them into thatched-roof huts that cluster around the clearing. How are the racers reacting to this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity? Well, Jennifer whines, "Are we really sleeping here tonight?" Sandy thinks she and Jeremy will kill each other in their small space. Or in a large space, you never know. The snowboarders, always looking on the bright side, are happy to get mattresses. Ernie and Cindy, however, aren't exactly jazzed to be settling into what she calls "home sweat home." They do a little low-key complaining about the comforts of home right here in Malawi, like the mosquito netting, the straw roof, and the thin foam-rubber mattresses. Oh, quit your bitching, it's not like this is something you would have done on your own.

But as far as "spending the night," it doesn't look like that's entirely the case. It's still dark outside at 5:28 AM when Andy and Tommy exhale visible breath-clouds into the predawn darkness. I guess Africa's heart is only warm when the sun is up. The first clue of the day is sending them by bus (which looks like it's going to be very crowded) to the town of Salima, two hours away, where they'll get their next clue off a human clue box at the bus station. "Caution, Double U-Turn ahead," the clue also warns, because audiences have been clamoring to bring that back. As the snowboarders run for the fleet of taxis that are apparently ready and waiting overnight every night outside Kulambi Village, Tommy recalls the end of the last leg when they went from second to first place as a result of "the classic 'however.'" Montage of Phil "however"ing them three times (so far), and then they say that although they were flying below the radar early on, they're on the radar now. Hell, they are the radar.

Justin and Jennifer, starting in second place again, open their clue at 5:39 AM, with the sky starting to lighten behind them. Justin tells us about how he came out to Jennifer a few years ago, which I guess is his way of coming out to us. I hope that's not why they fight so much. Fortunately, Justin says she's supportive and she says he's amazing and strong. And they're being that nice to each other this early in the morning, no less. This can only mean they're hours from being tragically killed.

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