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The cowboys are in their cab to the Pit Stop, hopeful that they're in first place. "We have been wrong before," Cord admits. "We've been wrong several times," Jet agrees. "We were wrong for a million dollars once." Wasn't it twice? Dave & Connor are also in a cab, and after some cutting back and forth between both teams, we get some nice views of the attraction, and then the cowboys skid to a stop in front of Phil and a greeter standing there in a toga. This personage dabs some white paint or mud on their foreheads, and Phil says they're making it look good. "We're not looking good but we're trying hard," Jet says modestly. Phil tells them they're team number one, and that they've won a trip to London. "Perfect!" Jet says, probably because people speak English there. In their post-leg interview, Cord says, "We're like butter." Jet looks nervous as he awaits the punch line, which is this: "We're on a roll." Jet was right to be nervous.

Dave & Connor make it to the mat, and Dave remarks, "You're up late, Phil." Phil says they kept him up late, and once they have their foreheads marked, Phil tells them they're team number two. Dave admits that they just came from "three hours in a bar mixing drinks and it's quite an unusual place for two Mormon boys from Salt Lake to be." Well, now Dave has to take his wife to Budapest.

At the DJ practice area, Jessica & John are ready for their first try and the Globetrotters head out for their second. The country singers continue to practice, and Caroline says that copying the sound they hear on the turntable is "so hard." She interviews, "One might think that scratching could be similar to singing or transfer over, but au contraire. The way your fingers move on that record, it's totally different." So just imagine if those turntables had actual records on them.

Rachel coaches Brendon through his ninth attempt, which is a mess even despite her experience as a cocktail waitress. Margie's seventh attempt doesn't go any better, as she admits that they don't have the technique down at all. Meanwhile, the Globetrotters crash and burn on their second try at the DJ task. This time it's Jessica & John who take over for them. While they start their attempt, Flight Time suggests to Big Easy that they practice on a tabletop simultaneously, but it doesn't do them much good because Jessica & John blow it on the first track. Which may factor into Brendon & Rachel's decision not to switch tasks on their fourteenth attempt. "But the thing that kept me going is that you never know when you're out of this race," Rachel interviews. She never seems to be, that's for sure. Brendon's latest try is a fail, as is Margie's 13th. Luke is becoming characteristically and visibly frustrated, which as usual means Margie has to start diverting a fair amount of her energy to calming him down. Speaking of calming down, Jessica & John make another failed attempt at the DJ task, as the DJ tells them to concentrate. The Globetrotters take another crack at it and get a little further this time, but still fail. "You know, you know, you know you're baaaaad!" the DJ tells them into the microphone. Wait, isn't "bad" good when it's coming from someone hip like a professional DJ?

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