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Out at the bar, Dave tells us, "This is a hard challenge. The other teams were an hour behind us so they could be walking in any second." In fact, Team JJ and Team Big Brother are on their way up in the elevator, and they head right in. Seeing their arrival, Dave informs Connor that he thinks Rachel used to be a bartender. That level of casual knowledge about Big Brother cast members is something you never want to hear from your dad, so Connor drowns him out by informing the arriving Brendon and Rachel that they've been there for two hours. Rachel is still confident despite Brendon's concerns. Then the country singers show up, prompting Connor to remark, "They were on the third flight. Let's just keep going." Finally the Globetrotters and Team ASL show up, as the Afghanimals close in on the end of their DJ practice session. At the same time, Connor is making his twelfth attempt with a lot of coaching from Dave, and this time it's good! They're out of there in second place, while "DJ Leo," as Jamal is sarcastically calling him, just keeps making random noises with his turntable. And they're both stunned when in walk the country singers, Jessica & John, and the Globetrotters, each of them taking up position at a practice station, which tells them every other team has arrived. "Our first flight didn't mean anything, basically," Jamal whines as the other three practice stations are rapidly occupied. Hey, dude, it's not Air Asia's fault you blew most of your lead recreating Picasso's Orange period.

After the ads, all four teams practice for a while until the Globetrotters decide to be the first to give it a try at the club's DJ booth. The Afghanimals will be right behind them. They make their way across the floor, the actual DJ announcing guest DJs to the crowd as though it's good news. Meanwhile, Margie & Luke and Brendon & Rachel are rapidly learning how much the drink-pouring task sucks. Then the party comes to a screeching halt as the Globetrotters prepare to perform. Alas, they should have prepared more, because on their attempt to reproduce the second scratching phrase, the real DJ activates a car crash sound effect to indicate that they have failed and have to go back. He banters a bit with the departing Globetrotters as they head "back to school" and the Afghanimals take up position. Leo narrates how the sample track would play, Leo would repeat it, and then the sample would play again and Jamal would repeat it, a total of seven times, with each phrase getting more complicated. They get to the end of the seventh track at a level of quality that apparently the DJ charitably considers "close enough," and receive their clue to the Pit Stop in third place. "DJ J.C. and Leo," "in the house," they boast in their interview, hip-hop style. Please get out of the house, both of you.

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