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At the bar, Jamal points out the go-go dancers and says that if Leo's lucky he might take one of them home tonight. Does that much luck exist? Connor's on his seventh attempt, but he's getting closer; the top glasses are a more yellowish orange while most of the bottom ones are almost completely red and clear. Dave points out that some of the drinks are running back down the side of the glass, because as anyone who's ever tried to slowly pour something out of a glass knows, surface tension is a bitch. Not that the good Mormon boy from SLC says "bitch." Or even "surface tension," for that matter. Jamal makes the Afghanimals' eleventh attempt and gets the contents of all the glasses nearly uniformly orange, earning a smirk from the bartender/judge. Leo complains that they're wasting time and they should switch tasks. Jamal points out the cowboys, as Jet is set up for their eighth attempt. "Just let it roll, man, let it roll!" Cord encourages. It's close, but no good. Jamal tells us, "It's not as easy as it looks." And it doesn't look easy to me at all. After watching another failed attempt by Dave & Connor, they do decide to switch to the other task. "There are four practice stations, first come first served," the clue apparently reads with regard to the DJ task. The Afghanimals find their way to a back room, where the DJ practice areas are set up for them to give this a spin. I don't know which of these Detours is more expensive, between all the shattered glassware and the rental of all the DJ gear. Let's hope everyone's a lot more careful about not dropping the latter.

Meanwhile, Jet makes the cowboys' tenth try. A fair amount of liquid dribbles on the bar, but miraculously, only red goes in the bottom glasses and only yellow goes in the top glasses, so they're good. Even the bargoers applaud as Jet & Cord get their next clue, telling them to go to the Pit Stop. Phil says that's Batu Caves, which at least at night looks less like caves and more like a garishly lit-up sculpture garden. They'll need to find the biggest, goldenest statue there, where Phil will be waiting. "The last team to check in here may be eliminated." Jet & Cord slap hands while waiting for the elevator, understandably confident that it probably won't be them.

Leo & Jamal are learning how to DJ, or at least the scratching part of DJing. This is an art form that I freely admit has a great deal more to it than I understand, because I understand almost none of it. And this task isn't going to teach me a whole lot. Each team starts with a backing track that runs about 110 BPM, and two electronic turntables at each station. Their coach demonstrates that the backing track will play them a scratch phrase like "wock-ka wock-ka wock-ka waah," and then Leo will have to repeat that with his turntable, and the backing track will play it again, and then Jamal will have to do the same. There will be a total of seven phrases that each racer will have to repeat, each more rhythmically complex than the last. In other words, there will be no track selection, no mixing, none of the other DJing stuff that I have no idea about. Basically it's DJ karaoke. Seems a lot easier than trying to telekinetically manipulate separate liquids like some fruit-juice version of Magneto.

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