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Short credits tonight, which indicates a long leg. Will probably be even longer for some.

Phil welcomes us back to "KK," which is apparently the hip nickname for the city of Kota Kinabalu on the island of Malaysian Borneo. He's also telling us that there's a floating village in the center of the city, though it seems like it would need to be on the edge, if only for purely geographical reasons like for example because the edge is where the water is. After Dave & Connor's win last week, they talk about having won a trip to Budapest, where Connor has always wanted to go. They also get to look up their trip on a smartphone, which is odd because Amazing Racers don't usually get access to smartphones, but on the other hand it's a lot less awkward than how they usually have to use a desktop computer with the gnome standing next to it and a big patio door in the background. "I'm gonna take mom," Dave quips, and they have a good laugh before starting this leg at 9:06 AM. I bet Connor's mom won't be laughing after getting ditched at home for not one but two trips across the International Dateline. Anyway, the first clue tells them to go to Prince Phillip Park and find a longhouse that's there. We get a quick look at this two-story, banner-bedecked, open-air wooden structure before Connor also reads from the clue that they have $98 for this leg. Connor remembers winning the third leg of TAR 22 as well, but that was different because Dave's Achilles tendon had blown out in the second. Dave prefers this mode of racing as well. We've heard a lot more about Dave beating his Achilles tendon this season than we've heard about his beating cancer. Remember the cancer?

Jet & Cord get to leave in second place, at 9:08 AM, and are soon trying to convey to their slack-jawed cabdriver that they're in a race. Then Afghanimals Leo & Jamal take off at 9:14 AM. Dave & Connor's cab soon reaches the park, but their driver doesn't know where the longhouse is. Thus it is that Jet & Cord are the first to get out of their taxi and rush into the park, find the clue box standing outside the longhouse, and read the introductory question for the Roadblock: "Who's got a spring in their step?" Who on the Amazing Race doesn't?

Cut to Phil inside the longhouse, as he narrates, "The Murut people of Borneo are part of the hill tribes who keep their culture alive with competitions like this." Which appears to involve a lot of bouncing and hopping on a square section of the longhouse floor that has been cut out and reattached with springs, creating a sort of bamboo trampoline that Phil calls a lansaran. One member of each team will have to hop on it to grab a flag that will be dangling from the highest point of the peaked ceiling overhead, just as we see locals in tribal dress doing. The flag is the one for the Malaysian state of Sabah, with multicolored stripes and a profile of the island in the upper left corner. But then you already knew that. Phil makes sure to clarify that it'll be adjusted for height, so it's not like Mallory and Big Easy would be trying to jump the same altitude, if Mallory were still on the race. And that's how they'll earn their next clue.

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