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Just to let you know, Trash and I were fortunate enough this week to be able to watch this episode with a few friends who were in from out of town. Please welcome Keckler, Wing Chun, and Glark. Perhaps you've heard of them.

We're still in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, which Phil describes as a "booming city" of one million, and the home to the Theater of Musical Comedy. The theater only dates back to World War II, but Phil calls it "instrumental in the cultural development of this long-isolated city." And those dancers are still spinning about the stage as Phil winds his way through them, telling us that this was the fourth Pit Stop in a race around the world. Glark thinks the dancers are musical enough, but not particularly funny. We're down to just seven teams. Again, we don't get arrival times, but we learn that Christie and Jodi, who arrived first (!), are leaving at 12:34 p.m. today. Another non-twelve-hour rest period, apparently. But how much rest would they be able to get in those cramped theater seats, anyway?

The Pit Stop has been moved outside for the departure. Snow is falling, and looks like it has been for some time. Lovely. The Flight Attendants open their clue and get as far as "Ride the Trans-Siberian railway to..." Fortunately, Phil is here to tell us that they'll be traveling across 400 miles of tundra to Novosibirsk. Then they need to race to the Punkt Tehnicheskogo Osmotha. I love the Punkt Tehnicheskogo Osmotha! Their next clue will be waiting for them there. Jodi hopes it's at least warm there. "Any place that has that many consonants in it is not warm," Christie says, which we can easily confirm for her up here in Mpls. In an interview, they say that their advantage over the other teams is that they work together daily, unlike the other teams. And as Jodi says, "The Race is work." The Flight Attendants start walking along the snowy sidewalk to the train station. So I count three advantages that they've claimed so far in the Race. Let's see if this latest one starts working for them better than the other ones have.

As Kisha and Jen get going at 12:36, Jen interviews that because they're faster than the other teams, they want to stay with the pack. "That's our strategy," Jen insists, so they can win if it comes down to a footrace. Sadly, I have to agree that this is probably the smartest thing they can do, since in the navigation stretches of the Race they have amply demonstrated that they don't know their ass from page four. But for some reason, Kisha is not entirely on board with this strategy, as she complains about following the Flight Attendants to the train station and how they could end up wandering around Russia. "At least it's beautiful," Jen says. "Beautiful, my ass," says Kisha. Ah, so it's Kisha's turn to be the annoying one this week. Still, they end up calling out to the Flight Attendants to wait up, and they all walk to the station together. At the ticket window, they get passage without difficulty, but are not pleased to learn that the train is leaving at 10:26 that night. Ten hours away, in other words. Sounds like everyone's going to be on the same train together. The Flight Attendants look particularly disappointed about the loss of their lead, which is understandable; it's not like they have one very often.

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