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The Korean Four

Jill and Thomas get out of their cab at the park, which their driver thinks is hilarious. They run into the park and Jill asks someone if he speaks English, and Thomas shuts her down. "You can't ask old people," he says imperiously, like everyone knows that. Jill's snarks back, "What about his guy, Thomas? Is he in your age range?" Okay, that was awesome.

Brook and Claire's cab-median drops them off, but not without getting out and demanding a kiss from Claire. "Kiss count is up to nine!" Brook says as the driver happily "hoo hoo hoo"s back into his taxi. Jill and Thomas are asking a motorcycle cop about an airplane, and he's all, "sky jumping?" Meanwhile, Brook and Claire have just strolled right up to the airplane statue and opened the clue sending them to the Pit Stop, which in this leg is a place across town called the Temple of Heaven. Phil says, "Built in 1897 for the first and only Emperor of Korea, this imperial shrine is the Pit Stop for this leg of the race. The least team to check in here will be eliminated." Get Phil, not fucking around any more! Jill and Thomas decide to cut their losses with the motorcycle cop, but Brook and Claire are already in their cab to the Pit Stop.

"Our coach is yelling at us," Nat says when she and Kat still have two legs to go. He does seem to be hurrying them along, probably so he can go home and have dinner and clean out his DVR and maybe his garage before he has to be back at the rink in time to meet Nick and Vicki. Nat says it was fun, even if they looked ridiculous, and now they're done. "We're available for the next Olympics if you'd like," Nat offers. Back outside and into a taxi for the park.

Jill and Thomas finally find the clue box themselves, Thomas wondering how nobody knew about this big airplane statue towering over the grass. They're off to the Pit Stop in second place. Brook and Claire are already arriving, and for the second time they run onto the mat in first place. A local dressed up like a Korean cowboy welcomes them to South Korea. Since Phil can't ever be mad at them, even now, he smiles wryly as he tells them that although they're the first team to arrive, they broke a rule by taking a taxi from the Detour. Which means they have to wait out a thirty-minute penalty. Smash-cut to ads! It's a pretty clear sign that the leg is already over when two of the three "suspenseful" commercial break cuts revolve around a forbidden cab ride.

When we come back, there's a replay of Phil breaking the news, and then we see Team QVC sitting on a bench while their penalty clock ticks down audibly from 29:54. This is the quietest they've been the whole race.

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