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The Korean Four

The two female teams rush from the subway to the stadium while Jill and Thomas are doing the reverse, not that they encounter each other. Team QVC gets to the clue box just ahead of Team @ (who opts for Full Throttle), and Claire confesses that she hasn't ice skated since she was, like, seven. Brook offers to go faster during her laps to make up Claire's time. In an interview, Claire says Brook was going to be all, "I was a professional ice skater when I was seven I won three gold medals and blah blah blah blah," while Brook just sits next to her and laughs. On their way back out of the stadium, Brook tries to get Claire to make a decision, and then says, "I guess we're doing the ginseng." Claire says she's willing to give the skating a try if Brook doesn't yell at her. Oh, just pick one and quit arguing about it, or else you're likely to miss something important in your clue.

Jill and Thomas are feeling good about being on a subway alone and having a bit of a head start. And speaking of head starts, Nick and Vicki are just now landing in Seoul, after all the other teams have finished the Road Block and are on their way to the Detour (even if not all the other teams know which Detour). In the airport, they find a couple of local guys to ask directions to the bridge. "Follow me, I will show you," the taller one says. Wow, they didn't even have to leave the terminal without guidance. But they'd better hope this guy at least knows where the front door is.

Brook and Claire are still arguing about the Detour, each of them trying to passive-aggressively take it for the other. Unlike Nat and Kat, who are aware they need to take a subway either way, Brook and Claire are soon trying to flag down a taxi. And Nick and Vicki get in their car behind their new guide outside the airport. "This might be the lucky little break that we needed, to get back in the game," Nick says as he drives with Vicki in the back. And Brook and Claire are in the taxi, unaware that that alone is enough to hurl us into a suspenseful commercial break. Which is really only worrisome if the penalty for taking a cab has suddenly become NINE HOURS.

In the taxi, Claire is already preemptively blaming Brook for picking this Detour, even though Brook said at least twice that they could do the other one. "If I suck at it, I suck at it, there's nothing really I can do. If Nick and Vicki show up, then they show up and we'll run as fast as we can to the Pit Stop." We see Nick and Vicki following their guide out of the airport again (if they have to do everything twice they'll never catch up), only this time Nick says they're putting all their eggs in one basket. Like you usually get a lot of baskets in this race.

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