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The Korean Four

Nat and Kat arrive at the Road Block, and Kat's doing it. Brook is now on her way back down the bleachers, goofing and kicking while Claire tells her to focus. "She's not being focused," Claire confides. Now both Brook and Kat are searching for a match, and Brook finds her headband on with a tiny little woman, who does some kind of wheeling roundhouse kick to break a board that's held up higher than she is. Brook, still not focusing, goes over and kicks the fragment out of one of the holder's hands before they read their clue. "I think I can read Korean now," she says as they run for the subway station. That should come in handy.

Jill and Thomas are already there, and it's a pretty dreary-looking place, although that might just be because it's a dreary day. Jill climbs up onto a window ledge to watch for the approach of Brook and Claire ("You can't miss them, they're in just pink, pink, pink," she remarks) while Brook and Claire are getting directions to the subway from a cabdriver and then running for it. They are hard to miss, but Jill's going to miss them anyway.

Kat finds her guy, who breaks her clue with a two-footed back-somersault kick. That's just showing off. Of course, maybe they just want North Korea to see that and say, "Okay, we'll put off the invasion for another fifty years." Over at the subway station, the train is pulling in, but Brook and Claire are having problems with the turnstile, and you probably don't want to jump one of those in either Korea. An attendant is still helping them get through when the train pulls out, with Jill and Thomas on it alone. Nat and Kat catch up, so all four women will be on the next subway together. "Still haven't seen Nick and Vick," Nat says. That's because they're sleeping on a plane right now. They're going to need that rest to shave vital seconds off the other teams' nine-hour lead.

Jill and Thomas arrive at the stadium and run out to the clue box in the middle of the field. "Full Throttle or Full Bottle?" Thomas reads from the clue, signaling a Detour. Phil tells us that South Koreans are way into international sports, "but what is it that makes them so successful? It's time for teams to investigate, to see whether it's a modern approach to training, or a holistic approach to health and nutrition." They'll actually be doing nothing of the kind, but the Detour choices are "Full Throttle," in which they'll hoof it or take the subway to Mok-dong Ice Rink, put on speed skating suits, and skate 24 laps in a two-person relay...or "Full Bottle," which will require them to go to a market, put on delivery uniforms, and carry six giant ginseng roots in big glass jars to a holistic wellness center without breaking them and then drink a (much smaller) bottle of ginseng tonic. So at this point in the race, is anyone going to pick any option but the one called "Full Throttle," regardless of what it entails? Although I have to admit that I'd find something called "Full Bottle" pretty tempting, for entirely different reasons. Thomas decides they'll do the skating. "We suck at delivering stuff," he points out, which is news to Jill. She wonders about taking a cab, but Thomas points out that the clue forbids that. Good thing nobody will miss that at this stage of the race.

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