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The Korean Four

Brook's even less serious, as she and Claire are soon riding behind Jill and Thomas in their similar outfits: "I finally feel like I'm in my own element at home," she cracks. To steal a line from Iron Man, this is clearly the Funvee, while Jill and Thomas are in the Humdrumvee up ahead. Behind them, Nat and Kat have boarded the Herewecomevee, leaving one lone Humvee waiting by the shore. It's going to be waiting a while. Call it the Ho-Humvee.

We see signage of the U.S. Army garrison at Camp Casey (mottos: "Sustain, Support, Defend" and "Second to None"), and then what looks like the entire population of the camp out for a run, all wearing those orange vests. If North Korea ever decides to make a move, it'll be during the morning jog. We cut back and forth between Jill and Thomas arriving at a parade ground where the clue box is standing, and also a whole battalion of soldiers on the football field doing tae kwon do drills. Phil tells us, "Stationed just a few miles from North Korea, U.S troops maintain a rigorous training regime (sic) in various martial arts, including tae kwon do." Well, when in Rome. Walking among the soldiers in a wide-necked t-shirt that really shows off his necklace, Phil says the racers who do this Road Block will have to master "at least the timing" of the practice drills, which is overstating the case, "to avoid the blows of a 200-man fighting machine." Or they could just stay out of the way. Each player will pick a headband from a rack up on the top row of the bleachers (just so this doesn't get too easy), and then search for the solider wearing a headband that matches it, "while trying not to get hit." I really don't think anyone's in danger of that, but just in case they are, I really hope Nick shows up soon. When they find the right soldier, he or she will kick a board in two, revealing their next clue inside.

Thomas is doing this. He runs to the top of the bleachers, grabs a headband, and wades into the ranks. He's barely started when Brook and Claire show up, and Brook's ready to "be all you can be." Thomas keeps searching while Brook gets a headband and also begins. "They all look the same," Brook says. Of course she's talking about the headbands on the ethnically mixed soldiers, but it still triggers the Gong Of Things Not To Say In Asia. She keeps holding her headband up to different solders, getting a little chatty with them as she does so. She hands her headband to one guy, and he stuffs it in his pocket, so not only is she wrong, she has to run back to the bleachers to get another one. Meanwhile, Thomas has found his right guy, who leads him out of the ranks at a dead run. Jill runs to meet Thomas, and they both watch their soldier take a flying kick at a board held by two soldiers standing on folding chairs, a feat which impresses Thomas even though I'm sure he's done it himself plenty of times. He picks up the clue that went flying. Brook heads back up the bleacher steps, Mallory-screaming the whole way. Thomas reads from the clue: "Find Seoul's World Cup Stadium." Phil specifies that they'll have to walk to the nearest subway station and take a train to the stadium to find their next clue. And of course the clue box will be standing in the middle of the field. It's never crammed between the upper-deck bathrooms, is it?

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