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The Korean Four

At the airport, the three lead teams are on their feet, waiting to board that 12:25 flight out of Hong Kong. Nick and Vicki de-cab and run through the airport. The other three teams board, still wondering about them. Nick and Vicki get to a ticket agent and learn about the 12:25 flight. By now, the other three teams are already on the plane (although Brook and Claire are somehow running a previous leg, because they have different hair and outfits and there's sunlight streaming in through their window), and an even more ominous sign for Nick and Vicki is the green subtitle under each of those teams' names reading "1st Flight to Seoul," which pretty clearly indicates that there will be a second flight to Seoul. And then we see it take off, and Nick and Vicki get the bad news that the 12:25 flight has already left. But all is not lost, because there's another flight at 9:30 in the morning. Okay, all is lost.

After the ads, Nick and Vicki accept their fate, and can only hope someone ahead of them gets lost. "It really comes down to a miracle," Nick says ,while Vicki stays relatively positive. Coincidentally, Nick being positive would be a miracle.

Early in the morning, the first flight from Hong Kong arrives in Seoul, home of lots of buildings and bustling, according to the b-roll. The three lead teams run through the airport and find the cars waiting for them and jump in, although there's a bit of a snarl getting out of the airport as the teams cars all crowd each other, plus it's raining now. Just looking at the map and their proximity to North Korea is making Thomas nervous, while Brook proposes forging an alliance with North Korea to put the other teams in a time-out. Palin supporter, right there. They goof off in an interview, and Brook tells Claire she's going to focus on driving. Claire approves. Nat and Kat are also a little nervous about the possibility of driving across the border at any moment.

Nick and Vicki finally get to board their flight in Hong Kong (making it actually 10:00 or so in Seoul) as Nick says their strategy is "stay positive, have as much fun as possible, and hope for the best." It'll be interesting to see what that looks like when Nick does it. Their flight takes off into a cloudy sky, symbolic of nobody giving a shit.

1,300 miles away, Jill and Thomas drive through torrential rain to the bridge. There are actually two bridges right next to each other: an arch-support footbridge, and a road bridge with a red through-arch. Looking at them from downstream, they almost overlap, but the one they want is the footbridge, since that's the one with the clue box standing in the very center of it. Brook and Claire are right behind Jill and Thomas, although they waste time putting plastic ponchos on over their goofy outfits while the other team runs to the clue box in the middle of the span. Nat and Kat have stopped somewhere to get their bearings, which they'd better do quickly. Thomas reads from the clue, "Welcome to the DMZ. Choose a rafting guide and raft." Those aren't two sentences you'd normally expect to hear together. Phil says they'll have to ride down the Hantan River and then get on a Humvee to Camp Casey, the nearby U.S. Army Base where they'll find their next clue. They head down to the riverbank to grab their raft while Team QVC runs to the clue box and back. Nat and Kat arrive shortly after, while Jill, now in a wetsuit, is yelling at Thomas to hurry up. "Jeez, you took longer to get dressed than I did," she points out. He clearly spent more time on his hair, though. Nat and Kat learn that they're rafting, and Team QVC are also in their suits. Jill and Thomas get in their raft with a crew of three guides and head downstream while Brook rushes Claire along. Lots of rafting ensues, and although it's cool at first, it goes on to the point where it becomes one of those things that's probably a lot more fun to do than watch. Especially since the subtitles with the racers' names are often the only way to tell which team we're looking at, seeing as how they're all dressed identically, have their heads covered with helmets, and are bring filmed by blurry, shaky, wet cameras. "Kelly Clarkson!" Claire says before she and Brook are hit by a wave. At the end of the rapids, Jill and Thomas and their crew (mostly their crew, I'm guessing) paddle to the riverbank, where a small group of large Humvees are waiting. They have to get in the back and put on army helmets and orange reflective vests. It looks like they're in for something pretty serious, but they're really not. Even the rain has let up.

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