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The Korean Four

Nat and Kat also seem to be getting on the 12:25 flight, with the help of a Korean Air ticket agent and his towering pompadour. Jill and Thomas get tickets for that flight as well, and given how much time they have before it leaves, Thomas declares, "All teams will have no problems getting on this flight." I wish I knew the sign for warding off the Evil Eye.

At the hotel lounge, Brook and Claire have belatedly realized that they're not really dressed for the scene, and they assure us in an interview that this isn't their usual look. But apparently they saved some outfits for the end, calling it "Brook and Claire flair." Can't wait until next week, except for how I can.

Nat and Kat approach some Western-looking dude in the airport and beg him to buy them a travel book for South Korea, claiming they have no money. Who knew it cost exactly $117 with tip to get from Statue Square to the Hong Kong airport? He gets them a Lonely Planet, signing it to them "Calm winds & following seas" and dating it European-style, 13-6-10, which is weird because his accent sounds fairly American to me. And maybe a little married.

Then it's nighttime in Hong Kong, and all we see of Nick and Vicki on the mat is that they are "Last to Depart." No departure time or anything, which isn't at all suspicious. They get in a taxi to the airport, and I can't help noticing that their driver looks a bit like Kim Jong Il, which is a nice warm-up for a visit to the Korean peninsula. Nick says they've had a chance to see the flaws in their relationship. You think? Montage of Nick yelling at Vicki in Ghana, in Oman, and in Hong Kong, making him a truly international asshat, the James Bond of douchebags. "I was totally out of line. I treated her like scum," he says, and then we hear him saying, "I promised to myself and to Vicki that I would never blow up like that again." We've heard that before. In fact, we may have heard that exact clip before, a few weeks before the next time he blew up like that again. All Vicki says is that they're not giving up. Nick's hoping they can catch the other teams at the airport. Well, either they will, which is totally unfair, or they won't, which will take any possibility of suspense out of the rest of the episode. Thanks again for ruining the penultimate leg, Nick.

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