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The Korean Four

Nat and Kat arrive at the mat as team number three, and Phil says the same thing he said to Brook and Claire. "Seventeen seasons, no girls have won, and it's about time," Nat says.

Nick and Vicki finally arrive at the bridge in what looks like the late afternoon, and clearly they're not going to have to do everything the other teams did. Vicki reads, "Join a mission to Camp Casey," and although there's a close-up of a clue that looks to describe what the other teams did, these two get to just climb into the back of a flatbed truck (clearly the Ho-Humvee became the I'mgoinghomethisisdumbvee some time ago) for a ride straight to the base. In their helmets and vests, Nick shrugs to Vicki and interviews, "We knew we were way behind everybody else. We pretty much knew that it was our last leg." The sun goes down over Seoul, and insult is added to injury as their Speed Bump sign pops out of the evening twilight at them. The next thing we see is Nick and Vicki hosing down a giant tank. I don't know why they even have to do this, except as punishment for begin so lame and maybe because the Army was all, "Uh, you all are not going off and leaving this tank we dirtied up for you."

They interview about their relationship and how much they've grown and how they've acknowledged their flaws and need to fix them. That clean tank becomes a shiny metaphor as Nick tells us how proud he is of Vicki. "Every single challenge, every single leg, she went at it a hundred percent." Unlike him. "In life and in this race, I wouldn't change her. Not even for a second." We see them jogging to the Pit Stop in full dark, where Phil gives the non-news that they're the last team to arrive, and Philiminates them. Vicki says she feels blessed they made it this far (no shit) and calls it the best experience of her life. Nick agrees, "We had a great time." Lightning does not strike him instantly dead. Phil asks if they learned anything about themselves, and Nick says, "I learned that getting angry over things doesn't change it. Being rude to people doesn't help you at all, and that's how I was. Coming into this I really didn't care whose feelings I hurt. I had this tough guy image and this taught me that it really doesn't get you anywhere." Vicki's major achievement? "I actually went through this entire race without killing him, so I think that's a good thing." Not everyone would agree.

Montage of pre-finale boasting! I didn't really miss it the seasons they skipped it, but it's back. Thomas says they're here to win. Nat says it would be an honor to be the first girl-girl team to win. Brook feels pressure "to be that team." "I could care less about any type of history-making," Thomas says. Nat says they believe in themselves, Brook says, "We want that title," And Thomas says, "We're going to win the million dollars." Oh, Thomas. Don't you realize that all the talk about the possibility of an all-female team winning for the first time was edited in by people who already know how this ends?

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