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The Korean Four

Jill and Thomas jump into the first cab they flag down, but the driver doesn't know where Temple of Heaven is. "Call. Anybody who speaks English," Thomas says. Well, I speak English, but I don't think I could help them. Jill's fretting about the likelihood of Brook and Claire having already gotten there, and Thomas asks to speak with someone himself while the driver waves him away from his phone. Nat and Kat arrive at the park, and Jill and Thomas's driver is bellowing into his cell phone in angry, rapid, un-subtitled Korean until Jill decides they're getting out. They get the next cab, and Jill's glad to see a younger driver. Plus he may actually know about Temple of Heaven. Which, as far as their previous cabdriver is concerned, is probably as close to Heaven as these two will ever get.

Brook and Claire's clock is down to 18:43. It must not be all that far from the park, because minutes later, Jill and Thomas spot first the temple and then Brook and Claire. They sound all disappointed that the other team is already there, as if their position sitting near the mat isn't sign of some penalty going on. Even so, Jill and Thomas sprint full-out to the mat, where Phil tells them they're the second team to arrive. "But Brook and Claire incurred a penalty. You are the first team into this leg of the race. Congratulations." They celebrate while Brook and Claire look bitter, and Phil tells them they're one of the three teams racing to the finish line for the million dollars. "And coming in first has its benefits," Phil adds, to which Thomas obnoxiously agrees. They've won a trip to Iguassu Falls in Argentina, and they both seem pretty confident going into the last leg. As for Brook and Claire, they have about nine and a half minutes left in their penalty.

At the park, Team @ quickly spots the clue box and sprints for it, finding out they're going to the Temple of Heaven. Where Brook has just tossed her water bottle over her shoulder in annoyance. There are still about three minutes left in their penalty, but I say they should get a few more for littering. Nat and Kat get in a cab, Nat telling their driver, "We're very late." The last few seconds in Team QVC's penalty tick away, and Phil calls them up to check them in as team number two. They're' suddenly in a much better mood, now that they're a lock for the final three. "And you still have a chance to be the first all-female team to win the Amazing Race." Now that they've finished jumping up and down, they calm down enough to high-five.

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